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The Sawmill

The Sawmill is situated in Pine Creek State Forest, just a 30 minute drive south of Coffs Harbour.

Situated on the north side of Pine Creek it is a slightly more challenging trail network compared to Cows With Guns.

Here you will find a number of more advanced features such as log rides and raised ramps. All features have a secondary “B” line for less advanced riders.

Only some of the trails around Sawmill are marked with arrows and numerous motorbike trails crisscross the ride. It is recommended that you are accompanied by an experienced rider who is familiar with the trails.

The Coffs Harbour Mountain Bike Club facebook page is a great way to find out about organised rides in the area.

The Sawmill loop is a favourite amongst Coffs Harbour locals and for good reason. This trail network exemplifies flow and whilst the elevation does not vary greatly, every effort has been made to maximize the value of every vertical metre.

The local trail fairies have toiled out here for years to complete the 12 km loop and today it stands as a testament to their hard work. Banked turns and roller coaster style single track with short pinchy climbs are a feature of the trail. With names such as ‘Tip It In’, ‘Dirt Luge’, ‘Gunnit’ and ‘Toaster’ you get a fair idea of what you are in for.

It is easy to get lost in the moment as you glide through the dense forest over dark loamy soil and the hand sculptured berms and rollers create a truly memorable ride. Just to keep things interesting some old growth logs have been converted into log rides and one, in particular, spans a creek. There are plenty of opportunities to get some air, however, “B” lines allow less skilled riders to enjoy this incredible trail network.

This is not the place to come to take in the views as the trails snake through the gullies and the thick canopy wraps itself over you. And that is just the point. The Sawmill is all about the ride and after one loop you will be craving more.

It is possible, via a bridge, to link The Sawmill and Cows With Guns and ride both trail networks in one big loop.

Sawmill needs some time to dry out after heavy rains but it drains well and is rarely dusty.

The Sawmill is maintained by volunteers from the Coffs Coast Mountain Biking club and is for cyclists only.
For more information and to get involved please visit the clubs website here: COFFSCOASTMTB.COM.AU

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