Ride The Woolgoolga Coastal Loop

Woolgoolga Coastal Loop

A visit to Woolgoolga is not complete without exploring the stunning coastline to the north. The best way to appreciate the coastal strip between Woolgoolga and Arrawarra is on a bike.

Discover three unique headlands and five amazing beaches providing tranquil locations with spectacular views. You are sure to find your own slice of the north coast for that quick break, a swim and maybe a picnic lunch.

The ride may vary in length from 12kms up to 22km return, depending on the loop you choose. Whilst the ride is all about the views there is some great single track and a huge variety of terrain.

Families and expert mountain bikers will all enjoy these great trails set in a beautiful coastal environment. This ride is not about how fast you can do it but about how long you can enjoy it!

Starting from the Woolgoolga Beach reserve you ride through town, past the café strip, and turn right on Wharf St. You may be tempted to stop here but the adventure has just begun. Wharf St continues into Lake Rd and then over the footbridge at Woolgoolga Lake.

A leisurely pedal gives you time to enjoy this place where the estuary, splitting the bushland, finally emerges to meet the sea. The view is ever-changing with the ebb and flow of the tide. Fish jump, seabirds swoop and the local flying fox population jostles for position. It’s a diverse and dynamic environment offing a taste of the biodiversity found in the region.

The bridge spills you out onto Melaleaucia Rd but you quickly join the bike path around the sports fields. As the path turns west continue onto Lake Trail on your right.

Lake Trail is a highlight of the ride as you hug the edge of the lake through native bush teaming with birds. The trail runs all the way to Safety Beach where it rises above the coastline and gives you your first glimpse of the northern beaches.

This is just a taste of what’s to come as Cabins, Mullaway, Mullawara, and Arrawarra beaches lay ahead of you. At Safety Beach you have many options to continue or return to Woopi.

At Mullaway you might continue up to Arrawarra. Regardless of the route you take, it is a memorable day out and you are never far from the main road if you lose your way.

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