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Coffs Creek and Harbour Loop

Coffs Creek is an oasis in the middle of Coffs Harbour and offers riders an easy escape from the CBD. The trail is a mix of road, bike paths, dirt and boardwalks across sensitive wetland environments.

The mangroves and birdlife are a highlight of this ride and the sense of remoteness is remarkable considering you are in a city.

If you continue to the coast, the sweeping vistas will convince you that this is one of the most beautiful regional centres in Australia.

The whole trail takes about 2 hours but it can be broken down into smaller loops for less experienced riders or for young families.

If you are taking your four-legged friend with you, be sure to keep them on a leash as the trail navigates through a variety of landscapes including wetlands with abundant wildlife, beaches, reserves and residential areas.

Coffs Creek is a diverse and beautiful estuarine system of coastal swamp forests, rocky shores, mangroves, mudflats and salt marshes leading to incredible beaches and island vistas.

It is a dynamic brackish environment inhabited by a variety of fauna including fish, crustaceans, shorebirds and waders.

The Creek trail weaves its way through this stunning ecosystem and offers many vantage points to pause, take in the views and enjoy the sounds of the local birdlife.

The Creek loop can be ridden as a stand-alone loop or it may be broken down into smaller loops that are suitable for families with young children. Along the way you pass the stunning Botanical Gardens, the perfect place to take a break.

Options to extend your ride include Beacon Hill lookout or the headland above Gallows Beach. Each location affords panoramic 360 degree views and gives a true perspective on just how breathtaking the Coffs Coast really is.

Why not roll out onto the iconic jetty or cruise by the harbour along the south wall. There are plenty of photo opportunities along the way and it’s close to cafes if you need to re-charge your batteries.

The northern end of the loop takes you to Macauleys Headland and its incredible vistas south toward the jetty.

The Strava loop shown incorporates both the creek loop and coastal options but there are many options you could take depending on your time or fitness level. As you are never far from amenities the options here are countless.

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