From blue to brie, gnocchi, pasta, burrata and cultured butter, Artisan Cheese & Cooking Classes has a great range of classes, for you to learn the art of making your own food from scratch

The Art of Cheese Making: Join a Wood-Fired Pizza And Mozzarella Class

Close your eyes and imagine a slice of heaven—a mouth-watering Italian-style pizza adorned with homemade mozzarella, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, and paired with a refreshing glass of Prosecco. The aroma alone transports you to the picturesque Tuscan countryside, where you can almost taste the authenticity in every bite. Now, envision yourself as the mastermind behind this culinary masterpiece, guided by the passionate and food-loving Lyndall. Welcome to the Artisan Cheese & Cooking School Wood-Fired Pizza and Mozzarella Class, where cheese creation becomes an exciting adventure.

Unleash Your Inner Cheese Connoisseur with Lyndall’s Expertise

Lyndall, a true cheese aficionado, with over 15 years of sharing her extraordinary cheesemaking workshop experiences and is an iconic Coffs Coast local foodie. After 12 years of running the renowned Cheesemaking Workshop & Deli, she has recently embarked on a new journey. Her passion for home cheese making has touched the lives of hundreds of people who are eager to learn new cooking skills from an expert that has travelled to many famous cheese destinations to perfect the culinary art of cheese making.

Through collaborations with esteemed institutions such as the Queensland College of Wine Tourism and the University of Southern Queensland, Lyndall has honed her recipes and acquired a wealth of knowledge. Her passion and expertise have earned her guest appearances on popular shows like Sydney Weekender, The Today Show, and Studio 10, as well as features in newspapers and radio stations. Her travels to France and Italy in 2019 allowed her to mingle with cheese industry rock stars, further enriching her craft.

Crafting Mozzarella: A Delightful Hands-On Experience

Let the mozzarella-making adventure begin! Step into Lyndall’s warm and welcoming kitchen, where you’ll embark on an interactive and fun-filled journey. Prepare to be amazed as you stretch, fold, and mould the curds, transforming them into a glossy, silky, and smooth masterpiece. The texture alone is a testament to the care and precision that goes into creating this delightful cheese. And the best part? Once your mozzarella is ready, it’s the perfect cheese for hand-shredding and adorning your pizza ready for baking, taking them to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Before diving into the mozzarella-making process, the workshop kicks off with an intriguing lesson in pizza dough creation. Gather the ingredients—flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and water—and let the magic begin. As the dough comes to life in the KitchenAid mixer, Lyndall shares fascinating insights into the chemistry behind the process. The sugar activates the yeast, while the salt serves as a regulator, ensuring a perfectly balanced dough. It’s a delicate dance of chemistry and artistry that lays the foundation for our wood-fired pizzas.

While the dough rests and proofs, our attention turns to the star of the show—mozzarella. Lyndall has perfected a “cheats” method that reduces the traditional mozzarella-making process without compromising the final result. We gently warm the milk on the stovetop, adding the rennet—an enzyme responsible for separating the milk into curds and whey. These curds become the building blocks for our fresh mozzarella. Within minutes, the rennet works its magic, leaving us with custard-like curds ready for a transformation.

With childlike enthusiasm, we cut the curd into a checkered pattern and began the stretching and folding process. It’s a playful and tactile experience, stretching the curds until they become shiny, smooth, and irresistibly creamy. The joy and satisfaction on everyone’s faces are contagious as we witness the birth of our own mozzarella creations.

The Perfect Toppings and Wood-Fired Oven Magic

Once we’re satisfied with the texture of our mozzarella, we shape it into the iconic ball shape and set it in a refreshing bath of cold water. This cooling process brings the mozzarella to the perfect temperature for immediate enjoyment or generous shredding to adorn our pizzas.

Lyndall lays out an ample array of ingredients for us to top our pizzas with, including roasted pumpkin, which until this morning was growing in Lyndall’s thriving vegetable garden. From Brussels sprouts and pumpkins to broccoli and cauliflower, these ingredients find their way into the recipes prepared during the classes and are a testament to Lyndall’s sustainable cooking ethos. It’s a farm-to-fork experience that adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the culinary journey.

As our pizzas come together, we make our way to the enchanting covered deck, surrounded by breathtaking views. We raise a glass of Italian Prosecco, toasting to our culinary triumphs and basking in the ambience of the moment. Lyndall skilfully slides our pizzas into the homemade wood-fired oven, where temperatures soar above 300 degrees. The oven works its magic in just a matter of minutes, delivering perfectly crispy bases and that irresistible melty cheese we all crave.

A Memorable Feast and Sustainable Delights

As we gather around the table, indulging in the fruits of our labour, we take in the lush green surroundings and breathe in the fresh air. The gentle clucking of chickens in the background is a reminder of Lyndall’s commitment to sustainability. The leftover whey from the cheese-making process nourishes her chickens, resulting in high-protein eggs and contented, shiny-feathered companions. It’s a testament to the harmony she cultivates between her kitchen and the natural world.

After savouring every last bite of our mouth-watering pizzas, Lyndall invites us on a stroll through her bountiful veggie garden and compact orchard. The sight of vibrant fruit trees and freshly picked mandarins captivates us. We can’t resist sampling the sweetness of a freshly picked mandarin. It’s a tribute to Lyndall’s dedication to using locally grown and produced ingredients. From her backyard chickens providing eggs for her pasta-making classes to the composting of eggshells and the creation of preserves from her citrus fruits, she embodies sustainability in every aspect of her cooking.

Beyond the Wood-Fired Pizza and Mozzarella Workshop

The Artisan Cheese & Cooking School offers more than just this extraordinary workshop. Whether you’re craving a pasta-making adventure, a lesson in creating the perfect platter, or a journey into the world of other cheese varieties like Double Cream Brie, Blue Cheese, Burrata & Butter, or the 3-for-1 Haloumi, Persian Fetta & Ricotta class, there’s something for everyone.

Each week, the school hosts classes on Fridays and Saturdays, ensuring you have ample opportunities to tantalise your taste buds and expand your culinary repertoire. From the crackling of the wood-fired oven to the stunning farmyard views on the deck, every moment at the Artisan Cheese & Cooking School is infused with warmth, camaraderie, and a passion for good food.

Ignite your love for cooking and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey of laughter, creativity, and mouth-watering flavours at the Artisan Cheese & Cooking School. Lyndall’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to creating a welcoming environment ensure an extraordinary experience. Whether you’re a culinary novice eager to enhance your cooking skills or a seasoned cook seeking a fun-filled culinary adventure, this school is the perfect venue.

From crafting the perfect pizza base to stretching and folding the magical mozzarella, every step will deepen your culinary skills and grow your passion for cooking. Join us at the Artisan Cheese & Cooking School, and let the flavours and aromas guide you on a cheese-making adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this culinary masterpiece. Book your spot for the Wood-Fired Pizza and Mozzarella class or explore the other enticing classes available. Each one promises to be a remarkable experience that will leave you hungry for more.