Beat The Heat & Discover Summer’s Chilled Delights On The Coffs Coast

Summer is calling, and you know what that means – it’s time to beat the heat and cool down with some chilled treats. We all have those cherished memories of beachside adventures and sun-soaked moments, often accompanied by a frozen delight in hand.

We are rewriting the summer playbook by skipping the ordinary and diving straight into a world of locally crafted frozen wonders that redefine what it means to stay cool under the blazing sun.

Hidden amidst the coastal paradise that is the Coffs Coast lies a treasure trove of seven local gems, all masters in the art of beating the summer heat. Whether it’s a nod to cherished memories or an eagerness for new cool sensations, the Coffs Coast is revamping your summer chill-out routine

Welcome to Blue Cow Gelato—a taste of summer paradise right here on the Coffs Coast! This Gelato haven isn’t just any ice cream spot; it’s a locally owned gem dedicated to crafting the finest, freshest Gelato around. Born in 2017, this Gelato haven has blossomed and now boasts storefronts in Woolgoolga and on the iconic Jetty Strip in Coffs Harbour. Their mission? Bringing Italian-style Gelato with a local twist straight to your cone.

What makes them unique? Well, it’s not just about the indulgent Gelato; it’s about the heart they put into every scoop. Locally owned and managed, Blue Cow crafts its gelato in-house using real ingredients and local produce. With a line-up of up to 16 flavours, including gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and even vegan options, there’s a scoop for everyone’s summer cravings.

Step inside and take your pick from classic favourites or venture into new flavour territories. Treat yourself to an authentic Italian-style Gelato experience that’s all about quality, freshness, and that perfect summer vibe. So, when the sun’s out, drop by for a taste of summertime joy, one lick at a time.

Blue Cow Gelato
366 Harbour Dr, Coffs Harbour

Step into a realm of frozen delights at Gelato on First, Sawtell’s chilled delight haven crafted by gelato enthusiasts Dale and Nicola. Nestled along the fig-lined streets of First Avenue, this sweet sanctuary boasts an astonishing line-up of 32 mouth-watering, award-winning flavours, each scoop promising an adventure.

What makes Gelato on First stand out? It’s their dedication to offering something for everyone. Stepping beyond the ordinary, they provide an array of options catering to diverse dietary needs. Whether you’re sugar-conscious or following a dairy-free, vegan, or gluten-free lifestyle, they have the scoop to suit your taste buds.

And let’s talk about their star— Sugar-Free gelato made with Stevia. Yes, you heard it right! Whether you have diabetes or are trying to cut down on sugar in your diet, a sugar-free gelato is the perfect choice.

But wait, there’s more! Takeaway options in 0.5L and 1L sizes mean you can indulge in the comfort of your own space or share the joy with friends and family. And their local loyalty card? For every 10 indulgent scoops you purchase, they gift you one as a big thank you.

Whether you’re strolling down Sawtell’s sun-kissed streets or seeking a treat after a beach day, Gelato on First is the perfect place to cool down this Summer with a chilled treat.

Gelato On First
51-55 First Ave, Sawtell

Eric and Debs Ice Cream, nestled at the Coffs Harbour Marina, is more than an ice cream parlour—it’s a nostalgic journey frozen in time. They’ve been serving up the good stuff since ‘87, and their secret? Classic ice and rock salt magic, churning out homemade small-batch scoops.

This isn’t your average ice cream pit-stop. Oh no! From funky flavours like Toasted Marshmallow and Chai to timeless classics like Chocolate and Vanilla, they’ve covered the whole scoop spectrum. Vegans and dairy-free enthusiasts, don’t fret—indulge in the Biscoff delight tailored just for you!

But it gets sweeter! Dive into their Honey Malt, made with Ironbark honey sourced from Glenreagh, or savour the Espresso Ice Cream, featuring locally roasted Supply coffee. And here’s a secret: their Raspberry Sorbet sings with raspberries sourced straight from Bucca.

From sprinkle cones to nut-covered cones, even cups and toddler-sized treats, they’ve got a scoop for everyone. And when you need an ice cream fix at home, grab their 8 or 16-scoop takeaway packs.

Make your way to Eric and Debs Ice Cream and savour the flavours that have defined Coffs Harbour for decades. It’s more than just a treat; it’s a piece of local heritage served in every scoop!

Eric & Deb’s Homemade Ice Cream
38-40 Marina Dr, Coffs Harbour

Summertime on the Coffs Coast just got a whole lot sweeter, thanks to Get Whipped Cheesecake Cones. Imagine cheesecake magic tucked into a waffle cone, topped with luscious flavours like salted caramel, fruity berries, or zesty lemon meringue. But here’s the kicker: each cone gets its own special sauce, made to level up those dreamy bites.

Their menu’s a rollercoaster of flavours that switch up with the seasons. That means every visit is an adventure, and you might find your new obsession in a cone.

Craving something a little more substantial? Dive into their cheesecake in a waffle bowl – just as heavenly and utterly tempting. These handcrafted, saucy delights are your ticket to beating the summer heat in the most delicious way possible.

And they’re not just for solo indulgence; grab their family-size share packs for the ultimate cheesecake feast. These share packs are packed with love and offer 500g of cheesecake, base or waffle cones, and tantalising toppings, perfect for sharing amongst 4-6 sweet-toothed enthusiasts. Now, where do you find these magical treats? Sunday Funday at the Harbourside Markets is a good start, with other pop-up locations during the week. For updates on their whereabouts, their Instagram page is your go-to guide for tracking these cheesecake gurus.

Get Whipped Cheesecake Cones
Harbourside Markets every Sunday

As you gear up to Beat the Heat on the sun-kissed Coffs Coast, don’t miss the vibrant delights awaiting you at Tango Juice Bar & Ice-Creamery! Nestled in Woolgoolga, they are all about infusing your summer days with freshness, flavour, and pure deliciousness.

Imagine this: a bowl piled high with Acai and banana blended to perfection and generously crowned with granola, seasonal fruits, and delicate coconut flakes. That’s just the beginning! For chocolate lovers, the Cacao Acai Bowl, adorned with granola, seasonal fruits, a drizzle of Nutella, cocoa nibs, and more of those irresistible coconut flakes, will steal your heart.

While Acai bowls are the stars of the show, Tango’s menu offers so much more. From revitalizing juices and creamy smoothies to heavenly ice cream, Buddha bowls, and fresh sushi, there’s something to tantalize every palate.

With an array of options for vegetarians and vegans, it’s a community hub where every bite is packed with local goodness and served with a smile.

Tango’s doors are open seven days a week, welcoming you with a freshness that’s hard to resist. Need a post-beach pick-me-up? Craving something nourishing after a surf session? Tango’s got your back!

Tango Juice Bar & Ice-Creamery
70A Beach St, Woolgoolga

Summer days on the Coffs Coast paint a picture of sun-soaked afternoons and a laid-back vibe that beckons you to savour the moments. And when it comes to beating the heat while indulging in the season’s delights, Undr Ground’s knows just the trick—their delectable Acai bowl, a harmonious blend that embodies the very essence of coastal living.

Undr Ground is the vibrant reimagining and the next chapter of the beloved Raw Bar. From the foundations of plant-based origins, Undr Ground has expanded their horizons to offer a broader menu, accommodating varied tastes and preferences. Your choice of milk and an assortment of well-loved products now graces their revamped offerings.

Undr Ground’s Acai bowl isn’t just a snack; it’s an experience—a refreshing escape after a day of surfing or laid-back moments in the summer sun’s heat. It is a fusion of organic Acai, mango’s ripe sweetness, raspberry tartness, and peanut butter’s comforting creaminess. But that’s not all—here’s the kicker—they’ve opted for Macro Mike plant protein, a genius move that trims the carbs without skimping on flavour. It’s a bowl of health meets tropical dreamland!

Amy Barrett, the heart and soul behind Undr Ground, embodies a passion for holistic health and a reverence for nutritious, colourful cuisine.

Swing by on weekday mornings to savour your morning brew, grab a pastry, relish some raw treats, or dive into a hearty lunch—all crafted from house-made goodness and local produce, welcoming everyone into our cosy haven in the heart of Coffs Harbour.

Undr Ground
108-118 Harbour Dr, Coffs Harbour

Tucked on the sun-kissed fringe of Jetty Beach lies the inviting sanctuary known as Daze Coffee By The Sea. It’s your serene haven from the scorching summer rays, inviting you to take a breather and indulge in moments of calm amidst the heat of the day.

From the crack of dawn, until the afternoon sun winks farewell, Daze opens its doors, welcoming early risers, and seekers of caffeine solace. Positioned at the foot of the Vendetta Community Building, it’s not just a coffee haven—it’s the gateway to your day’s adventures along the Jetty Foreshore.

While the ocean whispers its stories just a stone’s throw away, Daze presents an ensemble of Organic Acai bowls that echo the beach vibe. Indulge in the Nutty Bowl, The OG Bowl, Choc Bounty Bowl, or the tantalizing Biscoff Bowl.

However, Daze doesn’t confine itself to Acai’s temptations alone. Nectar Fruits’ Cold-Pressed Juices are the epitome of coastal refreshment for those seeking a fruity quench. And then there are Pure Pops—frozen delights that encapsulate the very essence of summertime bliss!

Daze Coffee By The Sea
Vendetta Community Building, 75 Jordan Esplanade, Coffs Harbour

Who knew beating the heat could taste this good? From Gelato to Acai bowls and cheesecake cones to timeless ice cream flavours, the Coffs Coast is a treasure trove of summer’s coolest delights.

Each spot we’ve uncovered brings its unique charm and taste sensations. Whether savouring Blue Cow Gelato’s locally crafted flavours or indulging in Gelato on First’s award-winning scoops, there’s a chilly treat for every craving.

Eric & Debs Ice Cream serves nostalgia on a cone, while Get Whipped Cheesecake Cones reinvents dessert. Tango Juice Bar’s fresh Acai bowls and Undr Ground’s Acai bowls pack health and flavour in every bite. And Daze Coffee By The Sea offers a tranquil beachside escape. So, beat the heat this summer, explore these delightful spots, and get into these chilled delights on the Coffs Coast!