Souls paradise bromine pool
Eastern Master Suite
Beach ocean front luxury holiday house
Accessible bathroom
King Suite 6 with extra day bed
Hydrotherapy pool
reading room

Tranquilo Beach House

Escape the city with a group of friends, a family celebration or simply recharge in laid-back luxury, the choice is yours at this Unique Australian Coastal House that boasts 10000 square metres.

Stroll down the property walk through a small enchanted forest over a sand dune to their two mile beach. Just under five hours from Sydney by car, four hours from Brisbane or a 45 minute plane ride from either city.

Tranquilo Beach House offers a choice of six intimate suites, accommodating 14 people. Enjoy the sunrises over the ocean. And watch the sun set over the mountains. This magical place is perfectly positioned at the edge of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular views of Tranquilos beach and billabong.

This mini wildlife reserve, shared with a troop of 50 kangaroos, schools of ducks, owls, turtles and birdlife. From the black cockatoos to 10 kookaburras that will laugh you awake, waiting for you to hand feed them breakfast. Whilst the chefs make you breakfast lunch and dinner, if you don’t feel like cooking.

An Australian oceanfront haven for indigenous, flora and fauna.

  • Pricing

    $175 - $3250 per night

    • Bar
    • Carpark
    • Outdoor Dining Area
    • Outdoor Furniture
    • Barbeque
    • Family Friendly
    • Games or recreation room
    • Gym
    • Laundry
    • Swimming Pool
    • Open Fireplace
    • Radio/Stereo
    • Spa/Sauna
    • Free Wifi

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