South Solitary Lighthouse
South Solitary Lighthouse

South Solitary Lighthouse

South Solitary Lighthouse was considered the most isolated on the New South Wales coast. It was the first and the last New South Wales lighthouse to use kerosene.

South Solitary Lighthouse was designed by James Barnet and first operated in 1880. The tower was built of mass concrete, using cement and sand conveyed to the island and broken stone from the conglomerate rock of the island.

Three large stone cottages were erected for the keepers.

In the early days supplies arrived by steamer from Sydney every fortnight and eventually fortnightly supplies were launched from Coffs Harbour, weather permitting. Due to the steep slope of the island, everything including supplies and people had to be taken off the launch in a basket lowered by a crane from the landing stage. The drums of kerosene had to be unloaded and then hauled up the steep concrete path as with the other stores.

Tours to the island and lighthouse are available for 8 weekends in the year in conjunction with Precision Helicopters from May to August. For tour information contact Precision Helicopters at

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