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Sikh Heritage Museum

The Sikh Heritage Museum of Australia is devoted to progressing and encouraging public knowledge, and understanding and for the ongoing preservation of the traditional and religious life of the Sikh people.

The Museum showcases the Sikh identity and religion, explores the complexities of Sikh spirituality, and the dedication of Sikh people throughout history in both Australia and the world. The exhibits contain information on the Sikh understanding of the origins of the universe, the lives and teachings of the Ten Gurus, the Sikh empire, Sikhs in the world wars, the Sikh ANZAC contribution, the first migration of Sikhs to Australia and finally, the establishment of a Sikh community in Woolgoolga.

The Museum is dedicated to providing knowledge of Sikh Heritage to future generations in Australia and to promoting and building a strong diverse community vibrant with harmony, mateship and understanding.

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