Pine Road, Bindarri National Park. Photo: Barbara Webster/NSW Government
Range Road, Bindarri National Park

Orara Escarpment 4WD Touring Route

Orara Escarpment 4WD touring route is a short 80 kilometre round-trip from Coffs Harbour, yet it takes you through remote eucalypt forests and subtropical rainforests. With plenty of picnic and swimming spots along the way, it makes for an ideal family day trip.

Climb over 600 metres as you make your way up the Orara Escarpment, then drive through rainforest and eucalypt forest to the spectacular Bangalore Falls. Stand on the lookout, listen to the waterfall, and take in the dramatic views.

Stop for a picnic here, or continue through subtropical rainforest to Urumbilum picnic area. Make sure you take a short walk downstream to discover Urumbilum Falls.

Head back through tree ferns, hoop pine and cabbage tree palms on Range Road and see magnificent old-growth forest along Langleys Road. If you enjoy birdwatching, keep your eyes out for lyrebirds, bush turkeys and glossy black-cockatoos along the way.

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