Gumgali Track @ Korora Lookout

This culturally-rich 400m walking track, minutes north of Coffs Harbour, leads to the stunning Korora lookout.

As you wander along this scenic trail you can follow a Gumbaynggirr Dreaming story through sculpture, murals, and signage. It is the story of Gumgali, the black goanna and this walk is truly unique in that it offers a culturally rich experience surrounded by sparkling ocean and coastal landscape views.

This is a dream walk for those who love nature, culture and art. The first sculpture you will come across uses timber and metal to tell the story of Gumgali. It depicts the whole coastline, Gumgali the goanna, and the hunters. Weighing half a tonne, the three-metre tall sculpture was crafted from local Brushbox timber.

Along the way you will discover the two-metre tall postcards sculpture. This sculpture was created to highlight the brilliant views from the lookout. Three small windows create perfectly framed vistas of the coastline at different eye levels. This ironbark piece is a unique way for the Instagram generation to instantly frame and share their Gumgali experience with the world.

Following that, halfway along the 400m walking track, is a contemporary sculptural seat crafted from local Tallowwood and marble. This is a great spot for a relaxing and taking in the view before continuing to the lookout.

Another highlight of this walk is 30-metres of colourful spray art murals that allow visitors to experience the story of Gumgali as they head to the lookout. This placement of urban style contemporary art, depicting a fascinating story with cultural significance, in the heart of nature, makes this walk a truly unique and inspiring experience not to be missed.

By the way, did you see all the goannas? How many are there?

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