Bangalore Falls, Bindarri National Park. Photo: Barbara Webster/NSW Government
Pine Road, Bindarri National Park. Photo: Barbara Webster/NSW Government
Bindarri National Park. Photo: Helen Clark/NSW Government
Wompoo fruit-dove, Bindarri National Park. Photo: John Turbill/NSW Government

Bindarri National Park

Just 20 kilometres inland from Coffs Harbour, Bindarri National Park is a beautiful natural playground just waiting to be explored.

See the headwaters of Urumbilum River drop over the Great Escarpment, carving a series of spectacular waterfalls in its rugged mountain ravine. Drive through pockets of old-growth forest, lush subtropical rainforest, and tall eucalypt forests, while catching glimpses of the coast in the distance.

Enjoy exploring by 4WD or cycling on remote mountain bike trails. Swim in the crystal clear waters of Urumbilum River or just relax in one of the scenic picnic spots. The kids will love splashing in the water, spotting frogs and looking for platypus at Bindarray picnic area.

Hidden away in the mountains, you’ll barely see another soul at Bindarri, yet you’ll see plenty of local wildlife. Listen for lyrebirds calling in the rainforest and watch for swamp wallabies and red-necked pademelons in the forest.

    • Non Smoking
    • Picnic Area
    • Lookouts

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