Solitary Islands Coastal Walk

Free Things To Do On The Coffs Coast

Calling all families with little adventurers! It’s time to let you in on a little secret – money definitely doesn’t sprout from the trees here on the stunning Coffs Coast. But guess what? The most magical experiences? They come without a price tag! We’ve handpicked a bundle of exciting activities to keep the kids grinning from ear to ear and ensure you don’t break the bank. Let’s dive in!

Nature’s Playground: Beaches and Bushwalks

Coffs Coast is nature’s playground, and your kids are about to have a blast. From the powdery sands of Diggers Beach to the hidden coves of Sawtell Beach, there’s a beach for every family’s taste. Unleash your young explorers on the sands, let them splash in the waves, and have the quintessential beach day.

But that’s not all – the lush hinterland is home to enchanting bushwalks. Wander through the tranquil rainforests of Bindarri National Park or explore the towering trees in Sherwood Nature Reserve. These adventures will ignite their curiosity and create a love for nature that will last a lifetime.

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Time For An Island Adventure: Muttonbird Magic!

Guess what? We’ve got an island adventure on the menu – and it’s totally awesome. Say hello to Muttonbird Island, where your family is in for a treat. It’s like a short and sweet walk that’s perfect for everyone, from your little explorers to the grown-ups. And here’s the bonus: mind-blowing views that will have you going “whoa” at every turn. Keep those peepers wide open because you might just spot some cool critters along the way. Seriously, it’s like a treasure hunt with nature’s surprises. And guess what else? Your kiddos are going to feel like they’re on a mega-adventure, like real-life explorers.

Visiting Muttonbird Island? It is important to stay on the tracks as the Shearwater (aka Muttonbirds) nest in extremely fragile underground burrows

Sky-High Thrills: Forest Sky Pier

Ready to take your visit to the Coffs Coast to new heights? Look no further than the Forest Sky Pier, nestled at Sealy Lookout within the Orara East State Forest, just a short drive from Coffs Harbour off the Pacific Highway. This place is a game-changer! A quick 10-minute drive through banana plantations will land you at this lookout, and it’s not only free but also open during daylight hours.

Picture this: Your kids soaring high above the world, gazing over the endless ocean, feeling the coastal breeze through their hair. The Forest Sky Pier treats you to magnificent coastal views stretching from Coffs Harbour along the pristine coastline.

But wait, there’s more! Explore walking tracks winding through lush rainforests, offering adventures from one to three hours for up-close nature encounters. Picnic tables and restrooms make it family-friendly, with a covered picnic shelter and easy accessibility from the car park. Even coach parking is available, ensuring a hassle-free visit.

While there, savour a coffee at Nyanggan Gapi cafe, or plan ahead for a popular canopy adventure at Coffs Treetops. For a cultural touch, a 500-meter walk leads to the enchanting Gumgali Track, sharing the Gumbaynggirr story of Gumgali, the black goanna, through art and sound. It’s an adventure within your adventure!

Botanical Bliss: Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens

Discover the Magic at Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens, an Eco-Accredited gem at the heart of the Coffs Coast. This lush oasis seamlessly blends natural coastal forests, enchanting rainforests, rare native flora, captivating international gardens, mangrove forests, and an abundance of colourful flowers. It’s a haven for families and nature enthusiasts alike.

Bring the kids and enjoy a day strolling along the paved paths, surrounded by vibrant colours and the sweet aroma of blooming flowers. It’s not just a pretty sight; it’s like an open-air classroom, sparking your kids’ imaginations and nurturing a deeper love for the natural world.

This place has something for everyone. Take a leisurely saunter or savour a picnic amidst the natural forest nooks and meticulously landscaped gardens. Feeling the urge to explore? Embark on a discovery walk to uncover the secrets of Indigenous plant use and more. And when it’s time to relax, you’ll find tranquil lakesides and inviting shaded benches scattered throughout.

Remember to start your adventure at the Information Centre and Shop at the entrance, where you’ll find some fantastic local crafts, gifts, and plants for sale. It’s the perfect beginning to a day filled with wonder and discovery.

Fun Meets Quirkiness: The Clog Barn and Beyond

Is your gang up for some offbeat fun? If your kids have a taste for the extraordinary, the Clog Barn is a must-visit spot that will ignite their imagination. This Dutch-inspired village tucked away in the heart of the Coffs Coast is a slice of quirky charm. As you wander through picturesque gardens, you’ll be transported to a world that’s straight from a storybook. The rustic architecture and intricate clogs will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

Here’s the fun part: You can try on these wooden wonders, including a giant pair that’s practically begging for epic selfies! So, step into a world of new shoes, savour the enchantment of the Clog Barn, and remember to indulge in some delectable pancakes. The best part? Entry is absolutely free.

But wait, there’s more! No journey through the Coffs Coast is complete without a rendezvous with the iconic Big Banana. Strike a pose with this colossal fruit and capture a memory that’ll keep everyone grinning. Your kids will love a snapshot with the beloved Big Banana – Australia’s original ‘big thing.’ It’s the ideal spot for an unconventional holiday photo. And guess what? The Big Banana Fun Park, home to a giant slide, water park, toboggan, ice skating rink, laser tag, and more, awaits your family adventure.

You won’t have to pay a dime to enter the Big Banana Fun Park and grab your selfie. If you’re eager to experience the other thrilling attractions, grab your tickets and let the adventures begin!

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Playtime Paradise: Playgrounds for Every Imagination

Family holidays are all about family fun, and when you’re on the Coffs Coast, you’re in for a treat! While our stunning natural beauty is a draw, our playgrounds are where your family can truly let loose, and the best part? They’re all free!

The Coffs Coast welcomes families with open arms, offering an array of playgrounds that promise endless fun. With modern amenities, imaginative play spaces, and a strong sense of community, these playgrounds are a haven for kids and parents alike.

Imagine your kids swinging high, sliding down giant slides, and climbing like little adventurers in playgrounds that practically scream ‘fun.’ And guess what? They’re also perfect for picnics, so you can combine play and snacks for a day to remember. With picnic areas right next to play zones, you can kick back, relax, and watch your kids having the time of their lives.

Explore the Coffs Coast playgrounds and let your family’s laughter fill the coastal air.

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