Meet a Local – Matt Sparrius

A local’s guide to eco adventures on the Coffs Coast

Meet Matt Sparrius, eco adventurer, marine enthusiast and owner of local water-based tour operator C-Change Adventures. Matt has a true passion for Australia’s marine environment. It’s something he exudes the minute you meet him. Following a natural affinity to water and a love for kayaking that started at only 4 years old, Matt has spent the last 40+ years out on the water.

Pursuing his love for the marine world through a degree in Marine & Environmental Science, Matt loves to share his knowledge of local marine ecology and aboriginal history with visitors and locals alike. An experienced watersport instructor and water-based tour guide, Matt has taken over 5,000 people on paddling tours around the Coffs Coast and beyond.

Easy Creek Paddles to White Water Adventures

Founded by Matt, ecotourism certified C-Change Adventures offers a wide variety of kayaking, canoeing and SUP experiences along the Coffs Coast. Providing adults and children with opportunities to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. From kayak eco-tours exploring the natural environment and local history of Coffs Coast estuaries to sea kayaking on the open ocean, on the lookout for dolphins and adrenaline-pumping white water tours on the Orara River rapids.

The Coffs Coast is surrounded by a rich tapestry of waterways to explore, from creeks and rivers to estuaries and the open ocean. The uniqueness of the mountains meeting the sea creates an abundance of opportunities to get out on the water.

Kayak Eco Tours on Boambee Creek Reserve

Boambee Creek is home to the famous C-Change Adventures Kayak Eco Tour. The estuary is full of wildlife and local history, which Matt brings to life in an exhilarating way. You’ll have opportunities to search for yabbies, taste some native bush tucker, explore traditional fishing practices as well and spot some amazing sea life. From schools of whiting and bream to flat heads and stingrays, you may even be lucky enough to spot seahorses hanging on to the reeds. Above water, sea eagles, ospreys, and even the odd kingfisher can be spotted along the creek.

An Ecotourism Australia Certified Champion

Matt is one of ten Ecotourism Australia certified champions on the Coffs Coast. Each champion offers rich nature-based adventures with minimal impact on the environment. Supporting the environment through education and adoption of sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives, including Clean Up Australia and Take 3 for the Sea, is at the heart of Matt’s ecotourism operation. You won’t find him on tour without his bag, ready to grab any rubbish he finds to dispose of properly onshore. You can read more about Matt’s commitment to eco-tourism principles here.

To find out more about the Coffs Coast’s, nine other Ecotourism Australia champions, explore our eco experiences.

Exploring the Southern Beaches

Having spent the past decade around the Southern Beaches region of the Coffs Coast, Matt is well-placed with recommendations on what not to miss. From Sawtell and Boambee to Toormina and Bonville, the Southern Beaches area of the Coffs Coast offers many unforgettable experiences.

  • Paddle at Boambee Creek Reserve by kayak or SUP – spot some amazing sea life.
  • 4WD self-drive adventure on Boambee Beach – a great spot for whale watching in season.
  • Picnic in Bongil Bongil National Park – certified Ecotourism Australia destination.
  • A stroll along Sawtell Main Street – beautifully lined with majestic Moreton Bay Fig Trees
  • Sunset at Bonville Headland – a magical spot with a mountain backdrop and stunning views in every direction.

Where you’ll find Matt

You’ll find Matt out on the water, paddling at Boambee, Bonville or Coffs Creek or out on the Orara River throughout the year. When not paddling, Matt can be found exploring the hiking trails in one of the Coffs Coast’s eleven local National Parks.

Make sure to stay safe when out on the water. Check for patrolled beaches, swim between the flags and wear a life vest when out paddling or boating. For information on water safety in the Coffs Coast visit Coffs Beach and Water Safety.