Fresh Foodie Finds

Discover The Latest Food & Drink Spots On The Coffs Coast

When it comes to all things food & drink the Coffs Coast is abuzz with new, reopened and revamped restaurants and cafes.

From brand-new bakeries and cafes to new restaurants and casual dining options, 2022 certainly bought some new faces to the busy hospitality scene and saw some familiar faces give us something new.

Food & drink lovers will find plenty of opportunities to fill the foodie tank on the Coffs Coast with feasting spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the hinterland to the beach.

We’ve put together a list of some new food spots that you need to check out. So make a dinner date or plan a catch-up with your friends, because these newbies are worth visiting!

Peach & Wolf Bakery

Some people are unfairly good at things, but luckily for us, one of them has recently moved to the Coffs Coast and has opened Peach & Wolf Bakery.

Found directly across the road from Park Beach and the Hoey Moey, Peach & Wolf has quickly become a local favourite for its delectable options such as sweet cinnamon scrolls, buttery croissants and hearty sausage rolls that you won’t be able to finish off by yourself.

Peach & Wolf is run by Laura, whose passion for creating the perfect croissant has taken her around the world. Laura moved to the Coffs Coast as part of a lifestyle change bringing with her a vision to create a neighbourhood bakery where community and sustainability are at the heart of her business.

You won’t find any glad wrap in this kitchen and even the milk cartons get a second life as coffee trays.
“I try to encourage people to bring their own cup by giving a discount when you bring your own cup or when you bring your own bag for bread or a container for your pastries. I just want to sell the food we make, not the packaging it comes in,” says Laura

Peach & Wolf’s signature flaky butter pastry encases a range of options to satisfy your morning craving. Grab a Monsieur, a Kevin Bacon or its vegetarian option Green Kevin, as well as an Allpress coffee and your breakfast is sorted.

The Kevin Bacon, my personal favourite, is for the classic bacon & eggs lovers. Bangalow smoked bacon, homemade smoky tomato relish topped with a fresh egg sitting in a nest of flaky buttery pastry, makes for a taste explosion.
Vegetarians don’t miss out. Filled with creamy homemade ricotta, local organic greens from New Life Farm and again topped with a fresh egg, the Green Kevin will take your tastebuds on a savoury journey.

As well as quick grab-and-go options, Peach & Wolf sell all types of fresh bread for your sandwich needs. Multiple sourdough options like Super Seeds Sourdough, Super Fruit Sourdough and even a Sourdough Wheel, made of 7 individual buns, are stacked high on the racks. You’d better be quick though (or even pre-order), as these loaves of bread usually sell out!

Options are plentiful for those that enjoy something a little sweeter; from the usual suspects such as plain croissants, cinnamon scrolls and fruit mince tarts. If you are lucky you may even find a weekend specialising local and seasonal ingredients to create something really spectacular like the Almost Tiramisù, a crunchy croissant wheel filled with boozy mocha creme-pat, topped with whipped homemade ricotta & mascarpone. Are you drooling yet?

Peach & Wolf is open Tuesday through to Sunday from 7am. Jump onto the website and pre-order, you don’t want to risk missing out!

Peach & Wolf
29/87 Ocean Parade, Coffs Harbour

Stef Beachstone

Although Stef Beachstone is a new kid on the block, owner and head chef Stefano Mazzina has been a familiar face on the Coffs Coast food scene for over 16 years. Famous for his woodfired pizza at Fiasco Ristorante, Stef has taken his passion for simple Italian food and combined it with Australian modern classics to create a relaxed beachside venue with an emphasis on quality food and friendly staff.

Stef Beachstone’s menu feels familiar, but wanting to break free of the cuisine he has become renowned for. Stefano is influenced by flavours not traditionally used in Italian cooking, resulting in fresh takes on some classics like the stack of fluffy pancakes made with hemp seeds, wholemeal flour and piled high with summer fruit, drizzled with honey and coconut yoghurt – the perfect breakfast for the sweet tooth of the family. For the savoury lovers try the egg taco – a spicy nduja is scrambled into eggs with sautéed potatoes on a bed of slaw and onion, sprinkled with coriander and served in a warmed soft tortilla.
The all-day menu has plenty of options for those looking for a lunch bite and for those who may have dietary requirements. Four different types of burgers, including a vegan option, offer something more substantial for those wanting to fill the holes in their stomachs and ordering a wild rice bowl with fresh seasonal vegetables topped with a tahini & ginger dressing will give you your daily serve of goodness.

Stefano’s passion for using only the best quality is apparent in the ingredients he uses. Sourcing as much local produce as possible including mushrooms and lettuces from Bonville, Stefano grinds his own beef for the burgers and makes the pasta fresh every day.
Staying true to his Italian roots, Stefano’s current obsession is to create “the best pizza in Coffs Harbour. This obsession has seen him build, with the help of some friends, his own woodfire pizza oven. The hand-built pizza oven takes pride of place at the front of Stef Beachstone and is churning out delicious pizzas for dinner from Thursday to Sunday. Stefano believes the best pizza starts with a great dough and “if you don’t have a good dough, then it’s like putting paper down for the foundation of your house”. Using only the best flour, organic tomatoes and fantastic cheese the pizzas are made fresh and to order. No soggy crusts here!

All this food talk got you thirsty? Stef Beachstone has the usual suspects you would expect to find at an Italian restaurant including Aperol Spritz and Negroni with the addition of some classic cocktails like the margarita, even local Critters Vodka makes an appearance in the Critters Drop, a cocktail reminiscent of the classic sweet but sour Lemon Drop. Local breweries, King Tide and Woopi Brewery have a healthy offering on the beer menu and traditional Italian variety wines sit alongside Roses and Sauvignon Blancs from Australia. Pop on down to Stef Beachstone Friday-Sunday for happy hour specials including Aperol Spritzes, beer and wine.

Stefano has created a comfortable and uncomplicated space for the Sapphire Beach community, where they can grab a quick breakfast and delicious coffee while the kids play in the playground and run in the open grassy area. Or if they so please, get dressed up and enjoy a night of cocktails and pizzas. By keeping the menu simple and having classics such as gnocchi and burgers available, all customers will find a dish they recognise and maybe some new ones they would like to try.
“When someone reads the menu they should know everything on it and not have to ask what something is,” says Stefano.
Stef Beachstone has bought a little bit of Italy to the dunes of Sapphire Beach and provides a place where the local community can come and relax and simply enjoy good food.

Stef Beachstone
2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach

Morty’s Joint

With its all-black pool table, moody lighting, hip-hop music and booth seating you would be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into a bar in Fitzroy Melbourne instead of the latest offering on Sawtell’s First Avenue strip. Named after the owner’s beloved Blue-heeler fur baby, Morty’s Joint delivers casual dining and a place to spend those summer afternoons after knocking off work.

Husband and wife duo Bianca & Rick (the team behind Bar Que Sera) created Morty’s Joint to be reminiscent of the neighbourhood bars they once visited while living in Melbourne.
“When you know everyone who works there, you don’t really make plans, you just go and there will always be at least one person you know. It has your favourite beers on tap, you like the food, and the vibe is good. You just show up and you know you’re going to have a good time,” explains Bianca.

“We created Morty’s Joint to be a place where we would want to go on our days off.”

When first planning Marty’s Joint Rick & Bianca knew that good food, beer and wine were essential.

“When we were thinking about the elements of a bar and what would make you want to hang around, food is really important of course, people in this region go out more for food rather than just drinks, there needed to be a good balance of those plus something to do while you’re having a beer,” added Bianca.

Morty’s Joint’s vibe is more relaxed than the wine bar atmosphere at Bar Que Sera next door, and with that comes a more casual menu. One bite of the southern-style chicken fried in duck fat chilli oil, and you know this crispy yet juicy morsel is not your average fried chicken. Over ten different aromats including two different types of chilli flakes give the southern-style chicken a distinctive red hue, but only give a small amount of heat in the mouth.

If you prefer your chicken more on the saucy side, then the sticky wings are for you. Staying true to Asian-style wings, the sticky wings are coated in a soy, garlic and ginger sauce and then sprinkled with fresh herbs. The freshness of the herbs burst in your mouth with every bite, taking away some of the heaviness that usually comes with eating fried chicken. Made with soy and tapioca flour, even gluten-free diners can enjoy this sticky goodness!

Talking to Rick about the menu, it’s clear how every single item has been taken to the next level and created to showcase the best ingredients from our region. The Dorrigo beef used in Morty’s Cheeseburger is simply seasoned with salt & pepper before it is grilled to perfection with melted cheese, layered with umami & homemade burger sauce (Rick’s version of Big Mac sauce) and then served with onion and pickles. New Life Farm supplies Morty’s Joint with all their vegetables and pickles for the burgers. At first glance, some dishes like the fried sweet peppers with almond cream and fermented chilli look simple, but you will find they are full of flavour and well-rounded, especially when paired with a cold craft beer. Add some miso & vinegar shoestring fries and you have some flavour combinations you won’t find anywhere else on the Coffs Coast.

Speaking of craft beers, whatever you are partial to you will find at Morty’s Joint. If you are into Hazy Pales, Red Ales or Sours you will find something on the taps or from a can to pique your interest. Breweries such as Brouhaha, White Bay and Little Bang Brewing can be found in the well-stocked beer and wine fridge. Meanwhile, on the rotating taps, you can find Mountain Culture, Philter Brewing and Garage Project, rounding out probably the best craft beer offering on the Coffs Coast. Don’t worry if beer isn’t your thing, as well as spirits and cocktails one expects to find at a bar, Morty’s Joint has an impressive collection of natural wines to choose from both by the glass and if you so please, by the bottle. Mainstream varieties such as Pinot Gris and Chardonnay are backed up by the more adventurous varieties which include Liquid Rock ‘n’ Roll a blend of Gewürztraminer and Reisling – perfect for pairing with the spiciness of the duck fat chilli oil chicken wings.

Using mostly local ingredients Rick has created a simple, but bursting with-flavour menu, featuring levelled-up versions of all your greaser bar favourites. Snacks and fried chicken to share, or your own burger with plenty of sides added on. It’s hard to decide where to start, so make sure you come to Morty’s with an appetite!

Morty’s Joint
63 First Ave, Sawtell

Tin Donkey

Starting its life as a double horse carrier in Adelaide, Tin Donkey’s van has been given a new lease of life. Stripped back, restored and clad in gorgeous ironbark timber, the van is certainly the cutest way to get your coffee fix in West Coffs.

Having temporarily closed over a year ago and recently reopened to enthusiastic locals, Tin Donkey has come back with a vengeance and is now sharing the corner of Frances & Long St with The Mudroom ( to create a welcoming and comfortable space only a short stroll from the centre of Coffs Harbour -perfect for a casual meeting or a coffee on the go. Priding themselves on bringing their local community together, where people can get to know their neighbours, the Tin Donkey is bringing inner city life to a pocket of West Coffs.

The husband and wife team, Zac & Mylchie, moved to the Coffs Coast (via Armidale) to escape the rat race of busy Sydney.
“When we were living in Sydney, we didn’t know our neighbours and we didn’t like that. We have changed that here. We know all our neighbours now and our neighbours now know each other.”

Tin Donkey was born from a causal discussion Zac and his cousin were having around creating a soup bar to serve hot soup and stews during the cold Armidale months. So the plan was put into motion to head down to Adelaide and buy a horse float to bring back to Armidale to start fitting out.

Zac & Mylchie made the decision to move closer to family on the Coffs Coast not long after their first child was born and start what was the first iteration of Tin Donkey. Offering catering and mobile bar services to weddings and events, the early days of Tin Donkey ground to a halt when COVID hit and like many businesses, Tin Donkey needed to pivot in order to stay open.

“The one thing they wouldn’t shut down is people getting their daily coffee!”

Tin Donkey continued to bring the local community together until the more severe COVID lockdowns made things more difficult.

“That was the point where we decided for our family’s sake to take some time off here. We made that hard decision and we came back once it had all cleared.”

During Tin Donkey’s closure, Zac & Mylchie made the best of the time off to find a coffee blend that was a bit different to the usual chocolate and caramel notes -something more memorable. That’s when they found Pablo & Rusty Coffee Roasters. Using the premium blend from Pablo & Rusty, Tin Donkey’s coffee is sweet and complex, with a fruit-forward focus, in particular notes of fresh red berries. This results in a coffee that is milder in flavour but still gives an exceptional espresso.

“This coffee does really well as a long black because it has a really sophisticated flavour.”

The food menu at Tin Donkey is simple and fresh and offers quick grab-and-go options to go with your morning coffee. In-house-made carrot cake (made by Mylchie herself!) can often be found gracing the cake cabinet alongside other local cakes, such as Canele’s by Kristy Chan. These vanilla custard-filled crunchy shells often sell out within minutes once the locals get a whiff of them being on sale.
With the view to expand the menu over the next few months, you never know what you may find next time you visit.

Since reopening late last year, Tin Donkey has once again become a hub for the local community and a great spot for a coffee under the 100-Year-old frangipani tree with your neighbour.

“Before we made the decision to close, everyone talked about the Donkey and how certain neighbours knew of each other but never really knew each other, and we have changed that.”

Tin Donkey has re-energized the West Coffs community by creating a special place where they can unwind, enjoy the breeze and watch the trees sway.

Tin Donkey
Corner of Frances and Long St, Coffs Harbour