Macauleys Headland

Diggers Beach to Charlesworth Bay

Diggers Beach is a favourite gathering place for the locals.

This patrolled beach is protected by the headlands of Macauleys and Diggers Head and the white sand contrasts with a backdrop of lush coastal forest. The coastal walk north, to Charlesworth Bay, follows the rugged coastline and offers glimpses of the Solitary Islands along the way.

Park at Diggers Beach and there are two options for the walk over Diggers Head to Charlesworth Bay.

On windy days the protected forest path behind Aanuka Beach Resort is accessed from the northern car park. If you prefer the beach walk there are access paths from the two car parks.

Reaching the northern end of Diggers Beach you take the stairs that lead into the littoral rainforest on Diggers Head. Brush turkeys are a common sighting along this track as they scratch about in the bush. The climb leads to the headland and glimpses of the Solitary Islands.

At Charlesworth Bay, the Pacific Bay Resort offers poolside refreshments or you can check out the Solitary Islands Aquarium at the National Marine Science Centre. There is more littoral rainforest to explore, grassed areas to relax, and a great little beach and rock platforms to enjoy. A great place for inquisitive kids.

To return to Diggers Beach you simply backtrack. BBQs, picnic tables, beach showers, and toilets are located at both ends of the walk and there is a playground at Diggers Beach.

At both Aanuka and Pacific Bay Resorts you can enjoy lunch, dinner, or cocktails. What better way to spend a day with great food, spectacular coastal scenery, and exercise.

Please note that the Solitary Islands Aquarium is open during school holidays or on the weekend from 9 am to 4 pm.

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