Dorrigo Birdwatching


Dorrigo National Park, in Australia’s World Heritage Area, offers stunning scenery and remarkable bird watching opportunities that are sure to delight the whole family. See how many birds your family can identify!

The spectacular views afforded by the Skywalk, accessible from the Dorrigo National Park visitor centre, provide an exhilarating location to look out for some of 150 species of birds that have been recorded in the area. From this majestic location you may catch a glimpse of a circling Grey Goshawk, or a flock of Top-knot Pigeons clambering in the tree tops.

The Glade picnic area, 1km from the Visitor Centre, is a great place to kick back, enjoy a picnic lunch, and let some of the birdlife come to you. Birds commonly observed in this area include Australian Brush Turkey,  Eastern Yellow Robin, White-browed Scrubwren and Bassian Thrush.

The elevated ‘Walk with the Birds’ boardwalk starts at the Glade picnic area and takes you above the forest floor, closer to the canopy, where you may see the stunning Paradise Riflebird, or one of the fruit doves that regularly feed here. Also keep an ear out for the Australian Logrunner and the Noisy Pitta. The Logrunner may be heard frantically scrabbling around in the leaf litter for bugs, while the Pitta may be heard smashing the shell of a large snail.

The ‘Satinbird Stroll’ is another short loop walk that commences at the Glade. This part of the rainforest is dense with amazing plant life. Trees adorned with ferns, mosses and interesting fungi create an enchanting setting to observe the many birds that dart about. Make sure to look out for the Satin Bowerbird and their fascinating bowers.

Another spectacular spot close to the centre of Dorrigo is Dangar Falls, 2km to the north of town on the Coramba Road. The easily accessible lookout provides great views from the top of the falls. Nearby, a short walkway through the trees leads down to the base of the falls, allowing you to explore around the rocky riverbed. Golden Whistlers, Grey Shrike Thrushes, and dainty Red-browed Finch are just some of the birds you may spot among the trees and grasses.