Water Experiences

No trip to the Coffs Coast is complete without some serious adventures in, on, or under the water. Boasting a perfect 75-kilometre coastline, the Solitary Islands Marine Park of the Coffs Coast is a melting pot of diverse marine life, where the temperate ocean currents from the Great Barrier Reef meet the cooler southern waters.

Having the best of both water worlds means there is a greater variety of fish and other aquatic creatures, including the largest recorded variety of sea anemone in the world; where 600 types of molluscs meet 90 types of hard coral. Pods of dolphins, green loggerhead turtles, rays and whales are common visitors to the area; easily spotted from shore and viewing spots. Affectionately known as the ‘Humpback Highway,’ the Coffs Coast is visited by whale calves learning how to slap, breach and wave, during their May-November migration.

Solitary Islands Marine Park and its estuaries and waterways, all provide a beautiful backdrop to a multitude of water sports and activities including sailing, surfing, diving, fishing, and kayaking.

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Some sunscreens can pollute the ocean and rivers, so consider natural sunscreen and apply it half an hour before swimming. Avoid unpatrolled beaches and never swim alone

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