sSs BBQ Barns Coffs Harbour

sSs BBQ Barn … not just a steakhouse.
It’s a welcoming, It’s an atmosphere, It’s country right down to its cowboy boots!

Brighter than the flashy neon sign out the front, the sSs credo clearly shines through to create the experience. There is almost a mid-west feel about the place. it’s the neon beer signs, it’s the timber floors and it’s the music. The décor is typically country. The mood is typically country.

This country is blessed with the best meat and produce there is. Our choice steaks come from prime stock – many specifications are met including ageing, young premium quality and grading. This, and the sSs cooking process ensures tenderness on the plate. There is more to the sSs menu than thick, tender steaks. The variety comes from the entrees – many spicy if you dare – the main meal alternatives (and they’re many) and the desserts that are so good they’re almost criminal. All this served with hearty taste and size you soon come to recognise as the sSs trademark.

    • Family Friendly

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