K’pane Coffs Central

We are dedicated to supporting the ancient art of Sourdough bread and artisan baking – this involves hand moulding and finishing all our products. Our bakers strive to use the finest quality ingredients available and we do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

We believe in the whole food movement. Food should be made from scratch, not from packets and premixes. It should be made from bags of flour and boxes of fruit and vegetables. Basic ingredients turned into delicious food. Making bread the way it was meant to be made. Following the age old traditions that go back for centuries. Before commercial yeasts and manufacturing methods existed all bread was sourdough. What we see mostly in the supermarkets now is a far cry from this; a product based on economies rather than quality.

k’pané was born in Coffs Harbour out of a desire to supply a quality product to a market that was somewhat lacking in options. I strongly believe that organic farming & production.

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