Latin Name: Phascolarctos cinereus
Gumbaynggirr Name: dunggirr

The Coffs Coast is fortunate to be home to two of the largest koala populations in NSW. This cute, furry, iconic Australian animal is sadly endangered. They are nocturnal creatures who live and feed in tall eucalyptus trees, consuming nearly a kilo of leaves each night. more…

Though colloquially called Koala bears, Koalas are not bears at all, they are in fact marsupials. This stocky marsupial has distinctive round, furry ears, a wide flat black nose and no tail. With opposable digits, on both its front and hind feet, and sharp claws, the koala is perfectly adapted to a life high up in a eucalypt forest.

Koalas spend a large part of the day sleeping curled up, high in eucalypt branches. Though generally quiet creatures, during breeding season the male can frequently be heard at night bellowing, grunting and belching loudly as he asserts his dominance over a wide territory.

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