Coramba Nature Reserve
Orara River, Coramba

Coramba Nature Reserve

Coramba Nature Reserve is located just west of the country town of Coramba, and is accessed via the Coramba Sports & Recreation Field.

Coramba Nature Reserve was created in 1982 to preserve and protect one of the few remaining stands of subtropical lowland rainforest that lies along the Orara River. Today, visitors can walk through this remnant of native vegetation, amongst the towering old-growth trees, under a closed canopy forest that has been successfully brought back to life through a rainforest regeneration project.

Walking along the river, you’ll see a lot of interesting plant life, including white booyong, pepperberry, giant stinging trees and ficus species. In the wetter months, the colours of the funghi are exquisite, with their hues of vivid pink, yellow, white and orange.

There’s no shortage of interesting wildlife here either. You’re likely to hear giant barred frogs on hot summer nights or spot yellow-bellied gliders and long-nosed potoroos any day of the year. There’s also plenty of birdwatching, including wompoo and rose-crowned fruit doves, figbirds, noisy pittas, brown cuckoo doves and white-headed pigeons.

The Rainforest Walk is a short 800m, Grade 4 track leading you down to the Orara River, a popular waterway for fresh water fishing, where you can relax under the cool canopy of rainforest and old growth trees.  Be sure to bring your binoculars to spot many native birds including rose-crowned fruit doves, brown cuckoo doves and white-headed pigeons.

**To keep visitors safe ALL camping in NSW national parks now requires a booking. For day visitors, please plan ahead and visit outside of peak periods (11 am and 2 pm). Check park alerts and visit COVID-19 updates for more information before visiting any park **

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