Coffs Creek

When you find yourself in Coffs Harbour, Coffs Creek emerges as the most convenient spot for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, accessible from several locations.

Picture this: merely five minutes away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can find yourself completely immersed in an area of unparalleled natural beauty!

On the southern side of Coffs Creek, dogs are allowed on a leash from the railway overpass to the estuary’s mouth and off-leash from the mouth to the North Wall of the Marina. Refer to the map for precise details.

Historically, Coffs Creek was navigable by small boats collecting red cedar behind the showground. It might surprise you to discover that mangroves thrive in close proximity to residential homes and light industrial estates.

Coffs Creek gracefully borders the Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens on three sides, where the water transitions from brackish to fresh as you venture further upstream. Along your journey, you might be accompanied by mullet or wading birds like Ibis, Egrets, and Pied Herons.

Embark on a guided tour with direct descendants of the world’s first stand-up paddlers through a Wajaana Yaam Adventure Tour. This offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the area’s flora and fauna. For those new to paddling, it’s a delightful way to learn while basking in the creek’s breathtaking beauty.

Two primary launch areas are situated along the creek: one near Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary and the other at The Promenade on Harbour Drive. The latter provides the option to paddle west towards the highway or east towards the sea.

If paddling upstream from the boat ramp near Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, reaching the highway takes about an hour and a half. Typically, the tide is moderate, and there are several pleasant stop-off areas along the way. Enter at high tide to avoid getting muddy.

Launching upstream allows you to follow the creek to the Pacific Highway bridge, but no further. Backtrack past the pool, wind around to the north, and you’ll pass a small jetty on your left.

Just beyond, explore a small tributary to the left under the Coffs Creek walkway and cycleway for about a hundred meters. The creek then sharply turns right past the Botanical Gardens, which are challenging to see through the mangroves, but walkways and a bird hide mark their location.

Continuing on, you pass under Hogbin Drive Bridge. After a short paddle, The Promenade comes into view, offering a boat ramp if you need to stretch your legs.

Downstream from The Promenade, the rail bridge appears, and Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary lies on your right. Beyond the bridge, the ocean unfolds, but be cautious as the creek runs swiftly on an outgoing tide, and venturing past this point is not recommended.

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