Coffs Creek Land Art Trail

Discover this intriguing collection of art as you walk or cycle around Coffs Creek following the handy map from Coffs Trails.

The Coffs Creek Land Art Trail was commissioned by Coffs Harbour City Council in the mid 1990s.

Primarily made of natural materials such as timber and stone, the artworks are in various states of natural decay, with some succumbing to the elements.

Works featured in the trail include:

  • Resin Post Top Pieces by Kristian Rasmusson and Susan Gant
  • Elements Rising by John Van der Kolk and Ken Mitchell.
  • Tree Trunk and Falling Leaf, by Evi Koller
  • Guardian of the Creek, by Neil Scobie
  • Long Boat Skelton by Stefan BruggisserGeorge Oxenbridge and Martin Browne
  • Traces by Suzanne Nehl
  • Where Friends Meet by Ian Watson 

You can read details about many of these and other public art pieces on Coffs Coast Collections.

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