Boambee Creek in Sawtell must be one of the best kept secrets on the coast. The contrast of the azure and turquoise water against the golden sand is stunning and in such inviting conditions, I was excited to be venturing out with C-Change Adventures.

C-Change Adventures is a local, family-owned business that offers water-based experiences such as white-water and sea kayaking at different locations on the Coffs Coast. Being so protected makes Boambee Creek a favourite, especially with families.  Owner Matt Sparrius has a degree in Marine and Environmental Science and loves to impart his knowledge of estuarine and mangrove eco-systems with the groups he takes out. In holiday time, Matt’s two kids, Mosey and Isabel, are often along for the ride too.

Boambee Bay

Boambee Bay kayaking and Sup Boarding

I arrived a bit early and took the opportunity to walk along the footbridge that crosses the creek. I captured a lovely panorama encompassing the headland and creek wrapping around to the river mouth at the ocean. When I returned to the shoreline, Matt was setting up. Families had arrived and kids were slipping on their life jackets and eyeing off the assortment of kayaks and stand up paddleboards available.

After safety instructions, I placed my camera gear into a drybag and boarded the kayak. We glided along the creek towards the ocean and as we approached the footbridge, I could see silver flashes of fish below the surface that scattered as we came close. The water appeared deep and green under the bridge and different shades of aqua towards the sea.

From the creek to the sea

The ocean was surprisingly calm, and the kayaks remained stable as we headed a little further out into the break than the SUPs. C-Change often use sea kayaks on tours which are ideally suited to the often-choppier ocean conditions. After a bit of ocean time, we turned around and paddled upstream. Matt arranged games for the kids along the way and the little ones especially loved trying to collect coloured balls before they drifted slowly away.

Cchange Adventures

Crystal clear waterways of Boambee Bay

Continuing upstream, we made our way to a spot Matt calls The Mangrove Maze. There were tricky obstacles and fascinating twisted branches to manoeuvre around. We could see where yabbies had made holes in the sand and Matt suggested heading to the sandbar with yabby pumps to try to find some. Drifting over, we beached our kayaks and SUPs before the older kids searched for yabbies (with success) and the younger ones played in the shallows.

The morning had flown by and before tummies began to grumble, we set off on the return leg where morning tea awaited us. Kayaking at Boambee Creek was wonderful, with Matt’s environmental knowledge and paddling expertise an added benefit to the whole experience. I very much look forward to another tour on our gorgeous local waterways soon.

For further info phone Matt on 0468 406 222 or visit


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