Weaving Circle @ Yarrawarra

Giinagay! Come down to Yarrawarra and join our Monthly Weaving Circle first Sunday of every month with local Gumbaynggirr artist and apprentice weaver Lilly Clegg!

Lilly will lead you through several traditional weaving techniques and give you the foundations for creation! When it comes to weaving, your imagination is the limit! We share plant information, swap fibres and plants and just sit and yarn together in Mother Nature.

What to bring:
-bug repellent
-a bag for taking home projects
-and fibres you’d like to bring and use (sharing fibres is not compulsory, we know how much effort goes into collecting/processing)
-any palm fronds in your vacinity (will be used to make water carriers)
-picnic blankets will also be much appreciated (for sitting on under the trees)

Food and coffee can be ordered at the Pipeclay Cafe, or feel free bring some food from home.


PLEASE CALL (02) 66407104 and book with our friendly staff 🙂