The Beanies EGG-straordinary Day

  • $25 - $90

Written by Miriam Rizvi, Michael Yore and Laura Dawson

With music by James Court

The Beanies are a musical adventure for little ones with BIG imaginations.

The Beanies are bursting out of the radio and on to the stage! Best known for their award-winning podcast and ARIA nominated music released with ABC Kids, join Laura, Mim and Michael Beanie as they do The Silly Dizzy Dance, sing Saturday Morning Cuddles and even have a Painting Party.

Mini-Beanies will laugh and learn when Professor Know-It-All challenges the Beanies to care for an egg for a whole day, how hard can it be? Featuring confetti cannons, sneaky robbers, and VERY silly jokes The Beanies EGG-straordinary Day is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for Mini-Beanies and their big people.

Recommended for ages 3-8 yrs