The Ultimate Creedence Tribute

There will always be conversations about who was the greatest rock band in history, and we’ll never all agree. How could we, when bands like the Beatles, Stones, Doors, Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival all wore the crown during rock’s greatest era?

Enter ‘Clearwater Rising’

From the border region of NSW/Qld, the 4-piece ‘Clearwater Rising’ play the classic collection of CCR’s most memorable tunes with remarkable similarity, giving Creedence a roaring revival with old-school authenticity.

Making up the band are some of Australia’s most roadworthy musicians: vocalist Col Germano, guitarist Geoff Wight, Bruce Baker on bass and Pete Wilkins on drums. These rock veterans are among the few who can belt out Creedence classics with the chiselled bark & bite that made CCR so incredibly special.

So put a candle in the window and hitch a ride to the end of the highway – we’re going up around the bend, and you’re coming with us!

  • Actively welcomes people with access needs.