My Sailor, My Love

  • $12 - $16

Directed by Klaus Härö  Finland, Ireland

It’s never too late to love.

Grace (Catherine Walker) is utterly appalled by the conditions her widower father, Howard (James Cosmo), a retired sea captain, is living in. She hires a local widow, Annie (Bríd Brennan), to clean and cook for him, which only infuriates the cantankerous old man. But the spirited Annie won’t put up with his guff, turning the tables by asking him point blank if he’s the kind of man who “puffs himself up by humiliating women.” As the two grow closer, an envious Grace refuses to accept the about-face in Howard’s mood.

With painstaking care and an extraordinary amount of empathy, director Klaus Härö catches the tiny fluctuations in the relationship between father and daughter that prove to be of seismic, heartbreaking proportions. Told with profound compassion and a clear eye, My Sailor, My Love is an affecting, devastating, honest, and recognizable family