Jarryd Goundrey – Farewell Vanilla Slice

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Jarryd Goundrey is Australia’s Least Decorated Soldier.

After serving in the Australian Army for seven years as an infantry soldier and then leaving to
work in a restaurant as a decorated chef, Jarryd is now on the road, hustling as a comedian. One
of the biggest loves in his life is a country bakery and a true-blue Aussie Vanilla Slice.

He has since been diagnosed with a stomach condition that forces him to give up dairy
altogether. So, he is packing up his things and touring the country, looking for Australia’s best
Vanilla Slice while entertaining the masses.

Jarryd has amassed over 17 million views online for his storytelling and military humour, has a
top 100 Podcast, and is a regular at all the comedy clubs across Australia.

His show Incoming sold out its run at the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF),
and his show Good Lord! Sold out the Adelaide Fringe and MICF in 2023.

Don’t miss him at Coffs Comedy Club at The Coffs Hotel