Isaiah ‘Spirit’ Workshop

  • $30

Turning small town dreams into international streams!

High profile First Nations music artist and one of Australia’s finest soul vocalists, Isaiah has established himself as a celebrated singer songwriter over the last three years. He has collaborated with some of Australia’s finest producers and songwriters, delivering a suite of songs, commonly focused on love & self-discovery.

Isaiah is looking forward to visiting the Coffs Coast community, sharing his journey and new song ‘Spirit’ with young people!

The first part of the workshop will involve Isaiah sharing his journey and the importance of following your dreams. He will talk about being a young indigenous boy in a country town and what it took to become an amazing singer, which was followed by winning X Factor and representing Australia at Eurovision.

NONE OF IT WAS EASY and he shares it all with participants.

Isaiah will then focus on his new song called ‘Spirit’ and explain how he wrote the song and what the song means to him. He will then do a rehearsal with the students who will learn to sing the song with him.

Isiah will also perform in the evening… find out more.