Isaiah ‘Spirit’ Performance

  • $45 - $60

Turning small town dreams into international streams!

High profile First Nations music artist and one of Australia’s finest soul vocalists, Isaiah has established himself as a celebrated singer songwriter over the last three years. He has collaborated with some of Australia’s finest producers and songwriters, delivering a suite of songs, commonly focused on love & self-discovery.

The talented teen has transformed from a small town singer to the most streamed First Nations artist in the world. Isaiah’s music has organically risen to the top of international streaming charts, with his first single Its Gotta Be You streamed 260 million times, plus tens of millions of streams for his other songs. This equates to Isaiah being the highest streamed First Nations pop artist in the world. Along the way he’s won The X Factor, represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest (finishing in the top 10) and is signed to Sony Music Australia.

Isaiah Spirit is an 80 minute acoustic concert of original songs featuring Isaiah and band members- Music Director (MD), David Taafua, on keys and Emilio Kormanic on guitar- some of Australia’s most talented multicultural musicians.

Isaiah is also hosting workshop in the afternoon… find out more