Music in the Regions Duo Blockstix – Sylvan Soundscapes, Coramba

  • $35

Music in the Regions (MitR) is an independent touring organisation established in 2022 to connect classical musicians with regional audiences and facilitate transformative musical experiences across New South Wales.

Sylvan Soundscapes is a program that traverses the ages and explores the captivating soundscapes of music for recorders and percussion. Bringing together music from medieval minstrels, baroque madrigal masters, and contemporary art music composers, Sylvan Soundscapes will showcase compositions from around the world, exploring themes of love, reflection, magic, and even pencils! Featuring works by Thomas Morley, Philip Glass, Tristan Coelho, Holly Harrison, Paul Cutlan, Tim Hansen, Daniel Rojas, and the world premiere of a new work by Anne Boyd.

Duo Blockstix is a unique and vibrant Australian ensemble featuring recorder player Alicia Crossley and percussionist Joshua Hill. With a shared love for contemporary music, Alicia and Joshua formed Duo Blockstix in 2014 and have performed in concerts and festivals around Australia. The duo perform repertoire spanning 800 years, presenting innovative new works and textural soundscapes alongside traditional masterpieces. Duo Blockstix are also passionate supporters of Australian music and strive to collaborate with Australian composers to encourage the creation of inspired, conceptual, and virtuosic new compositions.

  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.