Double Cream Brie Class

  • $139

Join the immersive Double Cream Brie cheese-making class and unlock a world of knowledge. You’ll delve into the secrets of crafting Double Cream Brie from the comfort of your home, exploring its rich historical roots and distinguishing it from various white-molded cheeses.

Discover the art of pairing this exquisite cheese with wines—its young form harmonizing with robust, mature reds or nutty-flavoured wines, while maturation suggests companionship with chardonnay and sparkling varieties.

In this class, learn to discern a spectrum of flavours—ranging from delightful sweetness to tangy sourness—alongside nuanced hints of grassiness, earthiness, and even barn-like aromas within certain cheeses. Uncover the unique characteristics and scents arising from the milk type, production methods, and maturation processes.

This comprehensive journey will deepen your appreciation for the complexities of cheese, wine pairings, and the intricate nuances shaping these delectable culinary experiences.

  • Does not cater for people with access needs.