Double Cream Brie Class

  • $125

Learn the following in the Double Cream Brie cheese making class;

How to make Double Cream Brie at home.

The history of Brie.

Understanding the difference between the variety of white moulded cheeses.

How to pair your cheese with wine.

Brie: This cheese when young can handle strong rich mature reds, it also pairs well with wines that have a slightly nutty flavour. As the cheese matures, chardonnay and bubbles are a good companion.

The flavours vary between pleasant, clear, fresh, sweet, sour, while mouldy, grassy, ammonia and even barn like characteristics are found in some cheeses. The different characteristics and aromas come from the type of milk used, how it is made and how it is matured.

  • Does not cater for people with access needs.