Camp Creative Inc.

  • $480

Camp Creative is a unique summer school, retreat and creative community that annually springs up for one vibrant week in January.

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to this joyful hive of productivity, experimentation and learning.

Whether you’re a novice, hobbyist or master artist, Camp Creative is an opportunity for a surge of creative energy and inspiration for your new year.

It’s a week of over 80 workshops in art, music, dance, craft, singing, photography, writing, drama, lifestyle & wellbeing. The Camp is for all ages, from kids 5+ to adults. There is also a range of courses for kids and teens.

There are live performances, a street party and open mic night. Join a course of your choice over five days – paint on canvas, get drumming, watch your kids discover their inner actor, release your singing voice, write your life story, dance the streets in a flash mob, photograph people and events in the moment or get hands-on with a hammer and chisel. Plus so much more!

It all takes place in the quirky town of Bellingen, where rural living meets an alternative vibe.

  • Actively welcomes people with access needs.

    • Caters for people who use a wheelchair.
      • Have step free outdoor pathways (includes picnic areas, barbecues and shelters)
      • Have at least one wheelchair accessible parking space with wheelchair accessible signage clearly displayed (International standards are 3200mm wide x 2500 mm high)
      • Have wheelchair accessible transport options available in the general vicinity (provide information on name of the operator, phone and website link to individual providers for private vehicles, community transport train, mini vans, hire cars, buses, taxis, ferry, tram, light rail etc in your access statement)
    • Provides general access facilities and services for people with access needs.
      • Offer a range of contact methods for receiving complaints
      • Have accessibility information and photos, including of a bathroom, room and/or floor plan on your website (can be emailed on request)
      • Ask all visitors if there are any specific needs to be met
      • Advise tour guides of the access needs of guests at the time of booking (includes pick up and drop off requirements)
      • Provide assistance with booking arrangements (includes providing clear itineraries with written instructions on what to do at various destinations)