All Fired Up

  • $54

Solve the problems of your world; one 80’s song at a time

Meet Tammy Tooth who’s on the brink of a most epic existential midlife crisis. An unexpected quirk of fate sends her back in time to come face to face with her 15 year old self in her teenage bedroom. This gives her the chance to ask the big questions, remind her what made her tick and reclaim her passion for life.

Join Tammy in the front seat of the Delorean, crank up the radio and take on a few life lessons from your favourite radio presenter, DJ Neon. Dig out your Choose Life shirt, your double cassette player and press record on the banging live band rocking the soundtrack of our youth.

Two real-life besties revive their 80’s musical icons to deliver a cranking and heart-warming rock cabaret and a very fun night out. A jam-packed show, All Fired Up is part rock concert, part energetic dance class, part heartfelt theatre piece, featuring Rachel Terry and Roz Pappalardo and Rachel’s real-life 16-year-old daughter Scarlett Terry. The protagonists expertly hit the notes across a range of musical genres accompanied by a (pretty loud) live band. This show will have you bopping along in your seats with your nearest and dearest, mark it in the diary and make it happen, you will not be disappointed!