The Coffs Harbour Butterfly House has recently been invaded by Dinosaurs and is now offering re-animate live daily Dinosaur shows.  Apparently Dinosaurs are attracted to Butterflies who were also around 300 million years ago.

The Butterfly House has managed to bring Dinosaurs back from extinction through an exciting re-animate live Once upon a time dinosaur show.  This amazing show offers a first hand experiences of Dinosaurs performing for their trainers, take a stroll into the prehistoric landscape with a Dinosaur Forest enclosure which is home to six dinosaurs that move, shake and roar to kick start your adrenaline.

In the Dinosaur Forest you can also get up close and personal with adorable baby dinosaurs, but don’t let their size fool you, these babies are very cheeky and like to create mischief for their keepers.

The Butterfly Glasshouse enclosure with its subtropical setting is home to over 500 live butterflies, comprising of 17 different Australian species. Sit and soak up the tranquil sounds of nature as butterflies land on you, then fly away in this beautiful garden setting.


The Fairy-Hollow is home to where four magical fairies who moved in after the dinosaurs arrived.  The fairies can be seen flying through the trees, and over their magnificent fairy-built houses. Occasionally if you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of Princess Flutterby when she magically transforms from a tiny fairy, and walks amongst visitors sharing fairy dust wishes.

In addition to butterflies, and the “Once Upon a Time” dinosaurs and fairies, this tourist attraction also has several insect displays and an outdoor maze to keep you and your family entertained.  A well-stocked gift shop is sure to impress the young and old, and a visit to our café made famous by our mouth-watering scones is sure to get your taste buds wanting more.

What ever magic takes your fancy, you can get lost in the outdoor maze,  re – fuel with some mouth-watering scones and take something magical from the gift shop.

For more information about this Raw-some experience visit their Facebook page.