Words and images by Destination Coffs Coast and The Big Banan Fun Park

Have you ever wanted to rocket to the moon, dash about with a dinosaur, careen around a canyon on a giant rollercoaster, or hang out with crazy cartoon characters in the Wild West? The Big Banana Fun Park’s exciting new 4D Ride Simulator will have you rollicking and rolling!


We spoke to Michael Lockman from the Big Banana Fun Park to get the low down on this new entertainment experience.

“We are really excited to introduce the 4D Ride Simulator to our iconic fun park’s long list of action-packed attractions! The ride includes eight mechanical seats with independent movement control, lighting and wind effects, an advanced 3D projection system and the latest 4D Ride Simulator movies available, which makes it one of the most immersive 4D experiences available. The intimate eight-seat theatre provides a much more realistic experience than other larger installations around the world.”

The featured 4D Ride Simulator movies include:

A routine moon mission turns into crisis when a meteor shower strikes hard. Survival depends on a fast emergency evacuation! Join our astronaut crew in this thrilling escape from the collapsing surroundings of the moon base. Will you reach the escape pod in time?

Simulator riders return to the same dinosaur safari park from the first film, but the tranquillity of the tour is shattered when a poacher abducts a baby dinosaur and we race off in a high-speed pursuit. Will we survive a barrage of deadly dinosaur encounters to free the captive creature and escape?

Jump on board of this breathtaking roller coaster adventure! This exciting travel will take you in the canyons and caves of the American South West. Are you ready for the ride of your life!?

Get ready for an action-packed ride with a luckless Sheriff and his trusty steed as they chase a ruthless bank robber through the Wild West. Will the bungling duo survive the runway mine cart ride and bring the bandit to justice?

Michael said, “These films have been chosen to cater for the different age groups that visit the park; from our younger visitors through to the young at heart, there is something for everyone!”

Visit www.bigbanana.com for more information.


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