Pet Friendly Accommodation

Whether you want to stay on the beach or in the hinterland, there’s plenty of pet friendly accommodation options on the Coffs Coast.

If you’re after a beachside holiday for the whole family including the dog, the region offers many accommodation options on or near the beach. Some favourites include Jetty House, Alarks Nest Bed and Breakfast, Hibiscus Tropic Lodge, Pacific Vista and Korora Bay Village. Closer to the city centre you can choose from Big Windmill Motel, Chelsea Motor Inn and Toreador Motel . The Northern Beaches offers stays at Safety Beach Ocean Bungalows, ArtHouse Beachfront , Rosebourne Gardens Motel and Woolgoolga Coast Motel.

Luxury Stays

Coffs Coast Accommodation offers family friendly and luxury properties, which provide a wonderful range of holiday accommodation solutions for the whole family; four-legged family members included!  

Whether you and your pooch prefer more casual surroundings or total beachfront luxury, they have you soaking up the comforts in one of their many Luxury holiday homes including Liapari Luxury Beach House, CC by the Sea, Beachfront by the CC , Villa Kopai , Sea Pine Cottage, Tea Trees and Zaffiro Beach House.

Green Rollling Hills

If you’re looking for something quiet with plenty of green space book some accommodation in the Coffs Harbour hinterland. Pet friendly stay options in the Orara Valley include; Friday Creek Retreat, Mount Browne Cottage , Misty Hills House and Coffs Coast Mountain Retreat.

Friday Creek Retreat

Camping Holiday

Check-in to the Woolgooga Lakeside Holiday Park, Discovery Parks Emerald Beach and Sapphire Beach Holiday Park. Or the popular Reflections Holiday Parks Moonee Beach, one of the many contemporary pet-friendly accommodations surrounded by the tranquil Moonee Creek, the Moonee Beach Reserve and Green Bluff headland. Reflections Holliday Parks Red Rock is popular for Swimming, surfing, boating and bushwalking top the list in this nature lover’s paradise along with Reflections Holiday Park at Corindi Beach. Closer to the town centre of Coffs Harbour there is The Clog Barn Caravan Park and Reflections Holiday Park Coffs Harbour.

Reflections Holiday Parks – Red Rock: Photo by Mitch Franzi

Its all in the Planning

Pets can become distressed when being on the move so ensure a smooth ride by providing your pet with enough water and monitoring the temperature. Follow these helpful tips about travelling with pets:

  • Ask your vet for advice before you travel.
  • Exercise your pets about 20 minutes before the trip.
  • Restrain your pets in a carrier or harness in the car.
  • Never leave your pets unattended in your vehicle.
  • Take regular bathroom breaks on your journey.

It’s worth noting that no domestic pets – other than trained assistance animals like guide dogs – are allowed in national parks, State conservation areas, reserves, historic sites or Aboriginal cultural heritage areas.

North Wall Leash Free beach in Coffs Harbour

Run, walk or play with your dog on the golden sand at Arrawarra Beach in the north, Sawtell Beach (North) a little further south, Korora Beach and Sapphire Beach in the centre and many others in between. Be sure to check the Coffs Harbour City Council website fodetailed maps of dog friendly areas.

For ideas on where you can take your dog while you are dining out or exploring the Coffs Coast, you can find inspiration from our story on “Bring your pet on holidays”

Tour Our Foodie Experiences

The Coffs Coast packs a punch when it comes to foodie experiences. Whether it’s freshly caught seafood, fine wines, craft beers or incredible coffee, there’s a foodie experience here to tickle your taste buds. 

The local food movement has gathered momentum in recent years – and the stories behind many of our most successful producers are as fascinating as the flavours they create. Food and drink offer an insight into the eclectic communities of the Coffs Coast, allowing visitors to connect with and learn about local producers on tours, at markets and even at the farm (or brewery!) gate. So whatever you have a taste for, it’s here to satisfy those cravings.

Critters Distillery

Woolgoolga’s Critters Distillery is a bespoke operation producing high-quality vodka and gin with personality and passion. Husband and wife team Chris and Nicola Fraser focus on Australian ingredients and support local suppliers while carefully perfecting the fermentation process and crafting a meticulously clean product. Critters are one of the few Australian distilleries that produce spirits from scratch. They also repurpose any waste materials to remain as sustainable as possible.

Enjoy the Distillery Experience to learn how their spirits are created using Australian wheat and locally sourced sugar and botanicals. Then view the state-of-the-art equipment for the fermenting process, and taste delicious cocktails paired with local foods. Finish your visit by treating yourself to a bottle or two to take home.

Bite Food Tours

Bite Food Tours

Bite Food Tours provide unique experiences for visitors who love food. Choose from walking tours that fuse art and food in the Coffs Harbour CBD or create your own custom experience that combines the best of the beach, hinterland and city. With wineries, cafes, coffee roasteries, restaurants, farms and seafood outlets abounding, the choices are endless. Grab a group of friends and let your imagination lead the way!

For something different try one of the new Terrible Art Classes. Tours are conducted by friendly professional guides who share the stories and insights that set the Coffs Coast food scene apart.

Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative

The Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op, situated at the International Marina, has been reflective of a vibrant working harbour for generations. The Co-op is owned by a group of 40 local fishermen committed to supplying the region with freshly caught seafood. The co-op is probably best known for its award-winning snapper and prawns, and supplies locally caught seafood to restaurants around the region and the country.

If fresh, delicious seafood sounds enticing, then the Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op presents a tasting opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

Artisti Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar

Delve into the fascinating world of coffee at Artisti, conveniently located between Coffs Harbour and Sawtell. View the roasting facilities and warehouse while sampling the vast selection of blends and single origins that are roasted in-house. 

Friendly, expert baristas are on hand to share their knowledge and love of great coffee. Visitors can browse the broad range of coffee-related accessories and purchase products directly from the source. Or simply take in the heavenly aroma of roasting coffee and enjoy a cup or two. 

Two Tails Wines

This boutique winery is located in the heart of Nana Glen village, nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of the Orara Valley. An award-winning family-run vineyard, Two Tails has been operating for 30 years. It produces unique grape varieties such as Villard Blanc, Chambourcin and Jaquez, and other more familiar styles such as chardonnay and muscat.

Visit the winery’s cellar door for tastings and stories from the sommeliers. And for a delectable menu featuring local produce, the winery also boasts Velvets Restaurant, with vineyard views and alfresco dining. An enchanting B&B is also available for guests wishing to extend their country escape.

The Coffs Coast has embraced the craft beer movement with two exciting new craft breweries established serving up something new and fresh. In the heart of Coffs Harbour, King Tide Brewery is a brewpub of fabulous design. This social venue for the Coffs community is a place to relax with friends and enjoy quality local beer, brewed by locals. The on-site kitchen cooks up locally-focused food to match a range of brews. Up north in Woolgoolga, the microbrewery equipment of Woopi Brewing Co gleams and the locals line up to taste the latest beers and local flavours – come and quench your thirst!


By now you know all about living a more sustainable home life – recycle, reduce waste, turn off your lights, switch to solar, car share, you’ve got it under control.

But what can you do to reduce your impact on the earth when you’re on holiday? Actually, quite a bit! So before you pull up poolside and grab a margarita, check out our top 10 tips for being a responsible traveller.

Stand Up Paddle Lesson with C-Change Adventures


As the Coffs Coast is NSW’s first ECO Destination certified by Ecotourism Australia, it’d be remiss of us to leave this one out! ECO Destinations are places where tourism activities have been built for locals, by locals. They take extreme care to tread lightly on the natural environment and respect the Indigenous culture of the area (on the Coffs Coast, that’s the Gumbaynggirr People). When you travel to these places, you’re not just a visitor, you’re part of a movement that celebrates conscious travel, sustainable business, and environmental protection. And we love that for you! 

2/ Choose ECO-accredited operators

Even if you can’t make it to an accredited ECO Destination, there’s still plenty (over 500 Australia-wide in fact) ECO-certified Operators whose businesses are backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality nature-based tourism experiences. Check out the Green Travel Guide to discover genuine eco-operators wherever you’re travelling to. On the Coffs Coast, we have six. They are:

  • WAJAANA YAAM GUMBAYNGGIRR ADVENTURE TOURS: Stand up paddleboard tours led by Gumbaynggirr guides or Aboriginal guides with strong ties to Gumbaynggirr Country, in three incredible locations.
  • TREETOPS ADVENTURE: A tree ropes and ziplining experience in sublime natural habitat and with an abundance of local wildlife – what more could you ask for?
  • COFFS COAST MOUNTAIN RETREAT: Adult only, pet-friendly, accessibility accommodation offering private, tranquil spaces to unwind. Relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of the natural surroundings (along with a few luxuries of course).  
  • JETTY DIVE CENTRE: Swim with whales, dive with sharks and discover the majesty of the South Solitary Islands Marine Park. Local dive experts and genuine PADI diving courses. 
  • NORTH COAST REGIONAL BOTANIC GARDEN: Natural bushland, exotic species, rainforest and more! All linked together with wheelchair-accessible parks, boardwalks and a cafe.
  • BRUXNER FLORA RESERVE: In Orara East State Forest, the ultimate nature-based destination on the Coffs Coast. The centerpiece is Sealy Lookout with the majestic Forest Sky Pier. The Gumgali track is an indigenous interpretive walk to Korora Lookout with unparalleled views of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. 

3/ Pay your respects

Australia has been home to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations since the Dreaming. The Traditional Owners are profoundly connected to the land, and the land to them. One way to be a more conscious and connected traveller is to pay your respects and broaden your knowledge by booking Indigenous-led experiences. There are numerous Gumbaynggirr-led experiences on the Coffs Coast where you can learn more about Country, culture, and how you can help protect and preserve it.

4/ Pack your reusable bags and bottles

This one goes without saying! Before you hit the road, remember to pop a reusable bag and bottle in your backpack. This will get you out of trouble when you need somewhere to stash wet swimmers, grab groceries, or smuggle some locally-bought souvenirs back into your hotel room. And of course, having a reusable bottle will encourage you to keep hydrated and save money on bottled beverages. It’s 2021, there’s no room for single-use plastic on holiday, folks! That includes asking for no straw in your margarita!

5/ Ditch heavy luggage

We all know planes are massive carbon-producing machines, but did you know that the more a plane weighs, the more carbon it creates? Yep! That means that when it comes to packing, every kilo counts. We know it’s tempting to purchase extra luggage, wear six layers, and sneak some extras into your carry-on, but it’s best to only pack what you really need. So put down the puffer vest and embrace the minimalist lifestyle — just grab your flip-flops and you’re good to go!

6/ Eat and drink local

A farm-to-table and seafood-lovers paradise, the Coffs Coast is jam-packed with some incredible food outlets. So many that we even made a directory for them! By buying lovingly-prepared and locally-sourced meals, you’re not only supporting our small businesses, you’re helping to minimise the carbon emissions created from shipping ingredients from far away. Extra points if you can walk to the restaurant instead of driving!

7/ *DO* ‘do not disturb’

If you’re staying in a traditional hotel, it’s pretty likely they’ll come in to swap your towels, sheets and travel-sized shampoos on the daily. But this creates a big problem. All that washing uses up loads of precious water, cleaning products and electricity. Plus, those tiny travel bottles? They add up to a lot of waste. So when you get into your room, chuck the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and ditch the cleaning service until you really need it.

8/ Use reef-friendly sunscreen

We grow up knowing to ‘slip, slop, slap’ and we’re here for it! But when it comes to slopping on your SPF sunscreen, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Our ocean ecosystems are under immense pressure from climate change, overfishing and pollution, including from sunscreens. 97% of sunscreens on the market contain chemicals that are toxic to coral reefs, even at small concentrations. So when summer rolls around, look for sunscreen described as “reef-safe”, “reef-friendly” or “not containing oxybenzone and octinoxate”. They’re not just better for the planet, they’re better for your skin too!

9/ Leave no trace

As well as taking your rubbish with you when you leave a natural space, there’s a few things you can do to minimise your impact on the environment. When camping, set up your tent on durable surfaces like gravel or packed soil, rather than disturbing soft and delicate plants. While all campfires will leave some trace on the landscape if you do need to light one, make sure it’s low-impact. Skippy the kangaroo might look like he’s keen on your cookies but respect the local wildlife by keeping your distance and your food to yourself. Finally, make sure the only souvenirs you take home are from the local shops, not the natural landscape. That means leaving flowers, shells and timber behind.

10/ Travel green

Whether it’s by road or air, there’s plenty of ways to travel green. If you’re flying, choose to offset your ticket when you book. Most airlines have a carbon offset scheme, so you’ll just pay a small extra fee on top of the flight cost which is donated to the scheme. It’s a small price to pay to help the environment! When you get to your destination, opt to hire a bike (or maybe a paddleboard!) to get around, and if possible, stay close to attractions to reduce your time on the road.

Travelling to a new destination is all about immersing yourself in culture, community and country, and on the Coffs Coast, we’ve got loads to share.


Local Guide: top 5 Orara Valley nature escapes

The Orara Valley never fails to inspire visitors who venture off the beaten track to immerse themselves in nature. We recommend these experiences…

1. Coramba Nature Reserve

Wander through a rare remnant of native forest. Soak up the feeling of being dwarfed by old-growth trees under a closed canopy, protected and preserved through a regeneration project. Listen out for wompoo fruit doves and catch sight of frogs and potoroos along the river. Cool off in the crystal clear swimming hole near Hartley’s Bridge.

Coramba Nature Reserve – walk through the sub-tropical rainforest

2. National Parks

Explore this hidden gem of Ulidarra and Bindarri National Parks by foot or bring your mountain bike to travel around the vast network of bike trails and walking tracks. Hop in your 4WD and journey to Bindarri where you can watch the waters of the Urumbilum River cascade over the Great Escarpment. There are plenty of swimming holes, walking trails and picnic areas for those who prefer a slow pace.

Bindarri National Park -swimming holes

3. Motorcycle Touring

Experience the beautiful scenery and charming little country villages on this popular motorcycle touring route. Trail bike riders and off roaders will love getting into the region’s diverse terrain, from sandy fast tracks, dense leafy tracks and some gnarly hills.

Orara Valley – touring around the Coffs Coast hinterland

4. Orara East State Forest

Visit the eco-accredited Bruxner Park Flora Reserve to take your pick of several walking tracks through subtropical rainforest. Here you can look for giant strangler figs and listen for the songs of the fruit doves and bower birds. Dogs are allowed if kept on a leach.

Bruxner Park – Pet Friendly Walking Tracks

5. Scenic Drives and PhotoStops

Spend the day meandering through the villages of Karangi, Friday Creek, Coramba, Dairyville, Ulong, Lowanna and Nana Glen. Grab a photo of historical locations, heritage buildings, landscapes, farm animals, flowers and birds. It’s a perfect drive in the countryside and so close to Coffs.

Early Morning – Cows crossing the road at milking time

Buy Local. There is an abundance of local businesses in the area including road side fruit and veg markets, local artists and cafes. Support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint of any items you buy.

Local Guide: top 5 SOUTHERN BEACHES

Love the outdoors? Here are some of our favourite ideas for experiencing the natural wonders in and around southern beaches…

1. Boambee Creek Reserve

Boambee Creek Reserve is a day-tripper’s dream with its turquoise waters leading to the ocean. Youngsters will love splashing in the shallows or enjoying some playground fun while grown-ups can unwind with a book or float along with the current. If you’re feeling active, bring your standup paddleboard or hire a canoe or kayak. The creek boasts a diversity of bird and marine life so keep your eyes peeled as you drift downstream. For an all-day visit, pack some lunch or buy it from the on-site kiosk. Doggies are welcome if kept on the lead. A small entry fee is payable to bring your car in.

Boambee Creek Reserve

2. Bonville Headland

Walking south along Sawtell’s main beach, you’ll reach beautiful Bonville Headland. With a level grassy area little ones will love, picnic tables and easy parking (if you skipped the walk), this is one of the most accessible spots on the coastline. Do as the locals do. Feast on take-away fish ‘n’ chips while you take in the lovely surrounds of the rock pool, Bonville Pine Creek estuary and Bongil Bongil National Park.

Day trippers Nature escape on sawtell headland
Bonville Headland and Ocean Pool

3. Surfing the Southern Beaches

The headlands, estuaries and beaches of Sawtell make for diverse surf conditions with a break for all kinds of surfers. At the southern end of the main beach, Sawtell Island has long, rolling waves well-suited to longboarders or beginners. Learn-to-surf lessons often take place here. Experienced surfers will gravitate toward Main Beach and the swell in front of the surf club, or ‘Trapdoors’ at the river mouth at Boambee Headland. In a strong northerly wind ‘Southies’, past the ocean pool at Bonville Headland, is the break of choice of the southern beaches.

Go surfing at Sawtell Beach
Surfing at Sawtell Beach

4. Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers of all skill levels travel from afar for the twists and turns of our local trails. Bonville’s Pine Creek State Forest is the original mountain biking network of the Coffs Coast, renowned for its family-friendly riding through a rainforest setting. ‘Cows with Guns’ is recommended as a great introductory trail. For the more experienced, the 10km Sawmill Loop will test your skills as you navigate the windy, luge-style single track..

Trail riding in Pine Creek
Trail riding in Pine Creek

5. Bongil Bongil National Park

From the Gumbaynggirr language, Bongil Bongil means “a place where one stays a long time because of the abundance of food”. So it’s no surprise that this region encompasses a rich array of flora and fauna. The bushland and waterways are a haven for wildlife and recreational activities like fishing, mountain biking, walking and paddling (try the 10km paddling route along Pine Creek). Head to Bongil Picnic Area for some serious serenity by the banks of Bonville Creek. Pack a rod and try your luck from the pontoon – or if dry land is more your style, pack your binoculars for koala spotting.

Day trippers nature escape on Bonville Creek
Bonville Creek

Do the right thing. When you’re out in nature don’t leave your rubbish behind. This helps to reduce scavenging behaviour and the spread of litter by native animals.

Fabulous Food

Whether it’s fresh seafood by the beach or home-style scones in the hinterland, the Coffs Coast is a foodie destination that always delivers fabulous food.

Renowned for high-quality produce, passionate and skilled local chefs, cooks, brewers, artisans, restaurateurs and vignerons transform the local bounty of land and sea. You’ll find dining delights in all corners of the Coffs Coast. Cruise through this tasting list for just some of the many great places to experience fabulous food and drink.


For breakfast and brunch, you can’t go wrong anywhere on the Coffs Coast. In Sawtell try Split Cafe, The Kiosk or The French Basket. Around Coffs Harbour check out Pansabella, Old Johns and The Mermaid Beach House. And further north try Beach House Cafe, Black Apple or Bluebottles Café.


Renowned for pristine waters, you’ll find local award-winning seafood served as delicious fish ‘n’ chips, all along the Coffs Coast. Jump into White Salt at Woolgoolga, The Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op at the marina, or check out Seasalt at Woolgoolga and Coffs Jetty, and Seasalt Fishmongers in Toormina.

Prawn Salad


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours from around the world. In Coffs try Ootoya Japanese, Maria’s for authenic Italian, Hungry Bears for Korean delights, Mana Chinta Ethiopian restaurant and Filipino dishes at Pig & Khai. Get extra spicy at Woopi Tandoori Nights, Taste of North India at the Jetty or Lime Mexican Sawtell.


Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options are fast finding their way onto Coffs Coast restaurant menus. In Coffs try Fork Knows, Café Ophelia and The Happy Frog for plant-based goodness. Or check out the creative dishes from Ground Earth Café in Woolgoolga.

Local Food Favourites

Many of our region’s cafes, bars and restaurants prioritise fresh local produce on their seasonal menus, catering to an ever-expanding food scene.

Local Guide: Top 5 Northern Beaches

When it comes to places as pretty as a picture on the Northern Beaches, try this superb selection.

Red Rock Headland

The striking headland looms large with the tranquil waters of Corindi River on one side and a patrolled surf beach on the other. The ancient rock formation, made from red quartz, is thought to be 300 million years old. It is considered a sacred site and place of reflection for the Gumbaynggirr people.

The Shipwreck of the ‘Buster’

Wander along Woopi’s Main Beach to find the remnants of Buster . A once grand sailing vessel almost 40 metres in length that washed ashore in 1893. While much of the wreck is usually buried beneath the sand, big seas can result in far more exposure of the ship’s tattered, wooden bones. The shipwreck of the Northern beaches.

Woolgoolga Headland

A sought-after location for expansive, coastal views in all directions. This location is ideal for spotting whales during their annual migration. The headland walking trails include a loop track and a path toward Back Beach along the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk. The kids will appreciate a stroll to the headland’s base with large rockpools and rock hopping.

Moonee Beach Nature Reserve

With the shallows of Moonee Creek to wade through, a grassy area shaded by pandanus trees and easy access to littoral rainforest, this nature reserve ticks everybody’s wish list. One of the best places for picnics and group gatherings, it’s even loved by the family dog who is also welcome here.

Look At Me Now Headland

The name says it all. This is one of those stellar spots locals love showing off to visiting family and friends. Kangaroos lazing in the sun and miles of Moonee Beach to the south.With secluded Serenity Bay below and the phenomenal ocean and island views ahead. The vista of isolated headlands and beaches from here is Mother Nature at her finest. 

Don’t feed the wildlife. Never get too close to wildlife and do not feed them – it may be harmful to the animal or bird.

Local Guide: top 5 coffs harbour nature escapes

Love the outdoors? Here are some of our favourite ideas for experiencing the natural wonders in and around Coffs Harbour…

1. Walk Muttonbird Island

Stroll along the northern break wall to Muttonbird Island, keeping an eye on the water to spot turtles and dolphins along the way. Then, take the steep walk over the island to the eastern lookout for unique views back over Coffs Harbour before visiting the island’s fascinating outdoor learning centre.

Muttonbird Island Reserve

2. Peace out in the Botanic Gardens

Located in the heart of the city, the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden is perfect for a picnic and relaxing walk. Set among 20 acres of lush plant life, you’ll find exotic and native species, and glasshouses containing rare displays of tropical plants.

North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens – Japanese Garden

3. Change your viewpoint at the Forest Sky Pier

No holiday in Coffs Harbour is complete without a visit to Forest Sky Pier and the award-winning Sealy Lookout. Stretching out from an escarpment 310m above Coffs Harbour city, this spectacular structure offers unparalleled coastal views of up to 100km to the south on a clear day. Adjacent to the lookout is a fully-accessible picnic shelter so you can sit, have a cuppa and enjoy the view.

Forest Sky Pier Lookout View

4. Hang out at the Historical Jetty

A Coffs Harbour icon, ‘The Jetty’ was built in 1890 from local timber to accommodate cargo vessels. Now it’s where locals congregate to fish, swim, stroll, watch the sunrise or dine on fish ‘n’ chips. With an accessible picnic area and cycling paths nearby, this area is a great place to enjoy a BBQ while the kids ride their scooters or play on the beach.

Coffs Harbour Jetty

5. Make a splash in Coffs Creek

Just five minutes from the city, Coffs Creek is an oasis for families who can safely paddle in its shallow turquoise waters. The creek and its mangrove forests can be easily accessed at several points, and are begging to be explored on a paddleboard or kayak

Coffs Creek

Follow the TAKE3 rule! Take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach and you have made a difference.

LOCAL GUIDE: Exploring the Wild Places

Coffs Coast is home to many beautiful, wild places. Our National Parks and Nature Reserves are brimming with abundant wildlife, stunning flora, primitive rainforests, and serene waterways.

Discover these natural wonderlands… everything is closer than you expect!

Ulidarra National Park

Riverside picnics at Bucca Bucca Creek, the challenging 3.2km End Peak walk, and adventure activities such as mountain biking, 4WDing and birdwatching – or exploring diverse wildlife habitats where you can spot koalas, owls and bats, among others. Ulidarra has it all! The park also borders the Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, renowned for unrivalled views of the region’s landscapes and seemingly endless Pacific Ocean.

Bindarri National Park

Get your boots on for some quality hiking through pockets of lush subtropical rainforest, old-growth forests and towering eucalypts. Options range from the easy 1km Bangalore Falls walk to the 26km Plateau Circuit Loop. Bindarri is also home to a series of spectacular waterfalls, including the rugged Bangalore Falls. You’ll find great swimming spots throughout the park – try out the one at the Bindarray Picnic Area. 4WD exploration is also possible with experienced drivers opting to tackle the 80km Orara Escarpment touring route from Coffs Harbour.

Bongil Bongil National Park

This coastal location south of Coffs Harbour is home to open beaches, sweeping views and peaceful streams. For an unforgettable family outing in a forest setting, explore the 80kms of the Muurlay Baamgala cycle trails. Alternatively, choose to picnic on the banks of Bonville Creek or kayak along the tranquil Pine Creek.

Moonee Beach Nature Reserve

Stroll along the paved pathway at Look At Me Now Headland for panoramic ocean views and a closer look at the many eastern grey kangaroos that make their home on the headland. At the southern end of the reserve, enjoy the waters of Moonee Creek.

Sherwood Nature Reserve

Cross creeks and wander through the sub-tropical rainforest at Woolgoolga Falls Walking Track. Just a short drive or cycle west of Woolgoolga township, this small-scale adventure is fantastic for kids, with a picnic area at the beginning, several shallow water crossings, well-maintained tracks and a waterfall at the end!

Dorrigo National Park

The World Heritage-listed park provides the setting for the ultimate nature discovery. Spend the day exploring the Gondwana Rainforest that has millions of years in the making. Popular rainforest walking tracks include Wonga Walk and Red Cedar Falls. All walks start at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre and Skywalk.

Drive the scenic Waterfall Way just one hour drive from Coffs Harbour to discover the many spectacular Dorrigo National Park. The park has a number of walking trails, including the 3.5km return to Crystal Falls Walk which allows walkers to get behind the waterfall.