Stop To Sniff The Flower Boxes In City Square

A dog-friendly adventure in Coffs City Centre

Hey, hoomans! It’s your darling doggo Hannah here. Dad just grabbed my leash, which means it’s time for WALKIES! Today, we’re heading into the Coffs City Centre, followed by a picnic and zoomies at one of my favourite places … Brelsford PARK! I can’t wait to see what fun, food, and friends we’ll sniff along the way. Woof, woof – let’s go!

Paw-tastic piccolos at dog-friendly Cafe, Palate & Ply

Our adventure begins with a visit to a dog-friendly cafe, Palate and Ply. The wait staff welcomes me with big pats and delivers Dad a freshly brewed coffee. I’m trying to sit still, but my tail won’t stop wagging. This place smells so good it’s making my nose twitch! Thankfully, Dad chose the outdoor area to enjoy his bacon brekkie wrap, which is also perfect for us pups to soak up the morning sun and, when we get thirsty, enjoy a big bowl of water. Oh yeah, and because I’m such a good girl, I even got a few ear scratches from friendly peeps passing by!

Shop, drop and roll at Coffs Central – a shopping centre that allows dogs

After our pit stop at Palate & Ply, it’s time to stretch the paws and head to Coffs Central. Walking into this pet-friendly shopping centre sends my senses into a spin. There’s so much to see! One paw at a time, I wander through the centre with Dad, smelling everything I can! While us dogs can walk anywhere on the ground level, I’m looking for shop windows with a white paw print on them – this lets me know I can walk in for pats. After calling in to see my friend Katy from Kaleidoscope, Dad sits in a comfy lounge nearby to read a new book we found there. I bask in the adoration of other hoomans walking by and making friends with their fur babies.

Picnic Preparation at Coffs Central’s Fresco Marketplace and Maggie’s Pet Co.

All this hooman watching can be exhausting, so it’s time to refuel. I lead Dad to Maggie’s Pet Co., where I always get pats from the smiley owner, Lisa. Maggie’s has everything a dog could wish for, from crunchy biscuits to savoury chews. My nose soon leads me to gourmet doggy treats and a new toy I want. Thanks to my super-cute face, Dad caves. We then head to Fresco Marketplace to pick up some picnic supplies. The sights and smells are so good that my eyes pop out of my head. With a full backpack and lunchtime getting closer, we’re ready to continue our adventure.

Trail Wagging Fun – Paws up for arts and culture in Coffs CBD

This doggo’s day just got even better as Dad surprised me with a detour to explore the Coffs Central Art Trail and the City Centre Art Trail. After grabbing a brochure from the friendly lady at the concierge desk, we set off to see what we could find. From sculptures to murals showcasing local artists’ work, these vibrant attractions make a visit to Coffs Central a visual feast for hoomans, and an olfactory adventure for us dogs! Dad and I could have easily spent all afternoon exploring the laneways full of art if we weren’t so hungry

Lunchtime zoomies and fetch at dog-friendly Brelsford Park

With our picnic goodies in tow and tummies rumbling, my paws hit the pavement as we make our way to Brelsford Park. I stop to sniff the sweet-smelling flower boxes that brighten City Square while Dad admires the trees that line the open space. A short walk away, Brelsford Park is like a lush, green CBD oasis, a haven for dogs and hoomans alike. Dad finds a cosy spot under a shady tree and lays out his picnic blanket, but I prefer the soft grass. Finally, it’s time for lunch! We chow down on a gourmet spread from Fresco’s, followed by my treat from Maggie’s. After lunch, it’s time to stretch my legs for a game of fetch. But after all these zoomies, Dad looks ready for a nap.

Dog walks in nature – Coffs Creek towards Coffs Harbour Jetty dog beach

After saying goodbye to my new pals in the park, it’s time to make our way home along Coffs Creek. The smell of the mangroves lining the water’s edge never gets old, and the cool breeze rustling through the trees makes it even more enjoyable. Near home, I try to encourage Dad to keep walking to the Dog Beach, but he says, “No, Hannah, it’s getting late!” That’s OK, I thought, I guess that is an adventure for another day… As the sun begins to set, we finally walk in the door. It’s time to rest my paws and curl up on the couch with Dad, where I will dream of our wonderful day in Coffs Harbour CBD

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