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A unit of the Coffs Harbour City Council, we are the lead government agency for the promotion of Coffs Coast, encapsulating the Coffs Harbour LGA (Local Government Authority) and the Bellingen LGA including Dorrigo and Urunga.  Our role is to market the destination of Coffs Coast to potential leisure and business tourism visitors.

This is a corporate website area offering tourism operator access to research, reports, industry news, resources, media releases and marketing tools.

  • Coffs Coast Tourism operators looking for details on the membership based association called Tourism Coffs Coast, please be advised that the Association will be closing and in its place a 355 committee formed and effective 1 July 2015.
  • Consumers looking for travel information should click here
  • 31 Jan 2014 Latest News - Coffs Coast Visitor Economy Destination Management Plan (DMP) 2014 draft, open for industry contributions click here

Coffs Coast Branding

Late 2011, advertising agency Sasi completed the new 'brand' for Coffs Coast including:

  • Coffs Coast logo - which utilises natural elements from the region including coastal waves, marine life, mountain escarpments, waterfalls, bird life, rainforest tree ferns, beaches and coastal life
  • Positioning statement - where memories are made.  This tagline draws on the feelings that visitors get returning to Coffs Coast, when as young kids they may have come here on a holiday and want to return with their own friends and families.  It also encapsulates the retro, nostalgic emotion visitors get from Coffs Coast
  • Imagery, wash and paint drops - reflect the artistic side to the region along with the ties to nature

Operators have access to utilise the Coffs Coast brand in your own marketing free of charge.  Templates are also available.

Contact us directly to obtain brand elements.  Click the heading above to view the style guide for useage.