Tourism Listings

Coffs Coast Website

Listing your tourism business on Coffs Coast website is free.  To profile your business click on ‘Submit Listing’ and select the category that best suits.  Key category areas include accommodation, attractions, hire, events, transport, tours and restaurants.  If your business has two key tourism services i.e. accommodation and restaurant then please create a separate listing for each service and use two different images.  If you prefer you can list your business on the ATDW it will automatically feed to the website.

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

Get your business on the national database along with 26,000 others so that people from around the world can find out about your product.  It’s free to register on the STDW (State Tourism Data Wharehouse), DNSW Get Connected program at

Marketing Tools

Coffs Coast Image Library

Thousands of colourful images of the Coffs Coast are available for your use. Simply request a login and high, medium and low resolution photography are available for your use (in promoting your products within the Coffs Coast). Click here

Tourism Business Toolkit

Two documents helping you gain a stronger understanding of the tourism industry have been developed, including how to reach your market, distribution, advertising, working with media and other ways to improve your business can be viewed here

Industry Enewsletter.  

Called ‘Coffs Coast Connect’, sign up to receive this valuable tool to find out more about tourism trends, marketing activity, campaigns, opportunities to reach new markets, media and much more.   Click here to register.

Digital Marketing

Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business to potential customers.  For some tips on how to create a social media strategy and website content click here.

Tourism EKit

A comprehensive guide for tourism businesses on how to market online as developed by ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse) Download Tourism Ekit

Working in niche markets

From Food tourism to the Youth visitors and to Indigenous tourism there are a number of different sector marketing areas. Read more

International Marketing
China Market Toolkit. Find out about the changing trends in this important international market including meeting consumer expectations, how to reach the Chinese traveller and how to be market ready.