At your fingertips there are a plethora of statistics and research reports to provide you with insights to understand the latest domestic and international travel trends.

Below are a few of the main visitor arrival data reports for your access including data drawn from NVS (National Visitor Surveys) of domestic visitation, IVS (International Visitor Survey) figures for International visitation and Visitor Profile Surveys (VPS data).

There are reports on Coffs Harbour LGA and Bellingen LGA, Coffs Coast (which includes Coffs Harbour and Bellingen LGA’s), the North Coast of NSW (your Regional Tourist Organisation area from Central Coast to Tweed Heads), Mid North Coast (varies by organisation, although typically from Taree to Coffs Harbour) area, NSW and Australia as a whole.

Additional reports look into niche markets, source markets, economic impacts and employment as well as aviation.


  1. Mid North Coast visitation summary – YE Dec 2014
  2. Snapshot North Coast visitor statistics – YE June 2012 by DNSW
  3. Coffs Harbour LGA profile report – four year average annual to Sep 2014
  4. Coffs Harbour LGA profile report – four year annual average to Sep 2013
  5. Coffs Harbour visitation summary – YE Dec 2011
  6. Bellingen LGA profile report – four year average annual to Sep 2014
  7. Bellingen LGA profile report – four year annual average to Sep 2013
  8. Bellingen visitation summary – YE 2011


  1. Coffs Coast Visitor Profile Survey and Satisfaction Survey – by TRA Jan 2011
  2. Tourism in the NSW Economy – by DNSW 2013/14
  3. Importance of Events in NSW – by DNSW YE Mar 2012
  4. Coach and Charter Market – DNSW 2012


  1. Applying Tourism Research to Your Business – presented by Amanda Coghlan
  2. Coffs Coast Being Export Ready – presented by Coffs Coast marketing, Nov 2012 and March 2015.
  3. North Coast Export Ready – presented by Russell Mills, North Coast Destination Network July 2014
  4. Marketing, media and more – presented by Destination NSW, July 2013
  5. What Social Media Platform to Use When – Talk Social Media via Legendary Pacific Coast, May 2015


Links are also provided to additional sources of information and to statistical archives for:
(TRA) Tourism Research Australia
(TA) Tourism Australia
(DNSW) Destination NSW
(ATEC) Australian Tourism Export Council